Statement on 7/17 Favorable Vote by CA Senate Business & Professions Committee on AB 485

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Dustin Siggins
Director of Communications & Public Affairs
202/452 - 1525 x1080

In light of today’s vote by the Senate Committee on Business and Professions in favor of Assembly Bill 485, PIJAC (Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council) President Mike Bober released the following statement.

The California Senate Committee on Business and Professions’ vote to advance Assembly Bill 485 will reduce California’s protections for pets and consumers, and risk jobs for hundreds of people in the state.

Contrary to claims from activists and their allies, a statewide ban on the sales of cats, dogs, and rabbits at pet stores unless sourced from rescues and shelters will put pet lovers at financial risk by making the state’s warranty law unenforceable. Furthermore, it will reduce Californians’ access to healthy pets, as stores are often the trusted partner to help urban pet owners find the right dog, cat, or rabbit for their lifestyles and needs. It will drive those who desire purebred and other dogs and cats with specific characteristics to the black market by putting pet stores – which are the most highly regulated source of pets anywhere in California – out of business, as rescues and shelters are not required to provide pets to stores.

I know that legislators care deeply about pets, and that they supported AB 485 today because they believe it will help their constituents as well as companion animals. However, the facts do not back this bill. The results from the state’s most impactful local ban are mixed at best, and focusing scarce public resources on the only heavily regulated means that truly bad actors will be free from scrutiny, oversight, and consequences.

Additionally, pet stores are the smallest source of cats and dogs, with fewer than five percent of households sourcing from a pet store. This is one-seventh the number of cats and dogs that are found at rescues and shelters.

The full Senate is urged by PIJAC, which represents the full spectrum of the responsible pet trade’s pet professionals, to reject this bill as written for the sake of pets and pet lovers alike.

PIJAC’s members include the responsible pet industry’s stores, breeders, veterinarians, groomers, distributors, manufacturers, and other businesses.

Please contact PIJAC Communications Director Dustin Siggins at Dustin@pijac.org if you would like further comment from Mike.