Stakeholders meet to discuss future of CA AB 485

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Dustin Siggins
Director of Communications & Public Affairs
202/452-1525 x1080

Today, stakeholders met to discuss the future of Assembly Bill 485. Regretfully, the bill’s proponents did not change their position, meaning that those who care for and about companion animals will continue to oppose AB 485 on behalf of California’s pets, pet lovers, and providers of pet care.

Despite months of good-faith efforts by responsible pet professionals, AB 485 still threatens ethically run pet stores which, thanks to industry standards and federal and state laws, are already the most highly regulated entities providing pets to Californians. AB 485 also threatens current consumer protections and warranty standards for new pet owners. 

As we have told sponsor Assemblyman O’Donnell and legislative leaders, this bill undermines freedom of choice and risks driving California’s prospective rabbit, cat, and dog owners to the unregulated black market. AB 485’s greatest flaw may be that it will leave disadvantaged Californians with fewer options for purebred dogs and puppies that may best fit their lifestyle and other needs. 

A coalition of responsible pet ownership, industry, and other groups have advocated for proposed alternate legislation that increases breeder standards and oversight for California pet stores. If enacted, this amendment would increase standards for pet stores while enabling responsible pet stores to continue to serve the needs of their communities. It would also preserve California’s current strong consumer protections and warranties.

Assemblyman O’Donnell has rejected this good-faith compromise. We urge the Senate to stop AB 485 so that all Californians may receive the benefits of the human-animal bond, and to work with the coalition of pet professionals to craft legislation that protects California pet owners and raises the standards of all of California’s pet providers. 

The above statement may be attributed to the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, the American Kennel Club, the World Pet Association, the National Animal Interest Alliance, and Pinogy Corporation.