PIJAC Supports National Invasive Species Week in Nation’s Capital

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Lisa A. Shenkle

Cathy Calliotte
Vice President, Marketing & Communications
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March 5 , 2013 – From feral swine to Asian carp, a broad coalition of animal and environmental experts descend on Washington, D.C. for National Invasive Species Week. Events and workshops will tackle the multi - billion cost to Americans of mitigating the damage of these species as well as prevention, detection, monitoring, control and management issues at the local, state, tribal, regional and international levels.

PIJAC (Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council) is pleased to be a sponsor of the reception at the National Aquarium Tuesday evening, March 5, which will showcase one solution for dealing with invasive species – eating them. In fact, invasive species could serve as a f ood source to combat hunger in many areas of the world. In addition , government officials and industry executives will discuss the challenges we face in taking the appropriate steps to control invasive species.

Throughout the remainder of the week, the c onference will feature briefings, reports and workshops.

PIJAC is pleased to support industry initiatives that help educate and enlighten elected officials, citizens, pet owners and environmentalists.