PIJAC applauds New Jersey Gov. Christie for conditional veto of S3041

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In a statement issued today, Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) praised New Jersey Governor Christie for his conditional veto of Senate Bill 3041. S3041 would have threatened the sale of dogs and cats by reputable breeders and retailers, and put the government between pets and pet owners.

“PIJAC applauds Governor Christie on this decision, and thanks him for protecting pet choice and responsible pet partnership in the state of New Jersey,” said PIJAC President and CEO Mike Bober. “With this conditional veto, the responsible pet industry hopes that everyone in New Jersey who shares our commitment to animal well-being will work to ensure future legislation truly protects pets, pet owners, and those who serve them.”

“S3041 offered almost none of the pet and consumer protections claimed by proponents, and risked the closure of ethical partners in pet care across the state,” continued Bober. “We are especially pleased by Governor Christie’s veto of a section of S3041 that could have illegally placed breeder information on a government website, as well as his veto of a ‘three strikes’ measure that could have put mom-and-pop stores out of business for administrative errors unrelated to animal welfare.”

“By issuing his conditional veto, Governor Christie preserved New Jersey’s existing Pet Purchase Protection Act, the strongest set of animal and consumer protections in the country. He also saved hundreds of jobs throughout the state,” concluded Bober.

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