Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) Expresses Concern, Optimism Over Ordinance Outlawing the Sale of Pets in Las Vegas, Nevada

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WASHINGTON, DC – In a statement issued today, PIJAC President and CEO Mike Bober responded to Las Vegas City Council’s vote narrowly approving a proposed ordinance outlawing the retail sale of puppies, kittens and potbellied pigs. After much public input and debate, the ordinance passed on a 4 to 3 vote after a last-minute amendment delaying implementation for a period of two years.

“While we are certainly disappointed that the council saw fit to pass a sales ban at all,” said PIJAC President Mike Bober, “their decision to hold off on putting it into effect means that we have an opportunity to address numerous misrepresentations and misunderstandings presented as fact during today’s hearing before they do irreparable harm to two responsible, local businesses. Bans like this one do nothing to address the larger issues of animal health and responsible breeding practices, and the public agrees that these sales prohibitions are not the answer.”

A recent Harris Poll found that, by an overwhelming margin, America’s dog and cat owners say the best way to crack down on illegal breeding is not to ban the sale of dogs and cats at local pet stores, but rather to enact and enforce enhanced breeding standards (67% vs. 33%).

“As an industry, we don’t just care about pets; we care for them on a daily basis,” continued Bober. “While adopting from local shelters and rescues may be the right choice for some, it should remain exactly that – a choice. We will continue to work with lawmakers to pass legislation which protects pet owners and prioritizes the health and well-being of companion animals at all stages of life rather than enact pet store bans that jeopardize local businesses and leave residents with fewer options for finding the perfect pet for their needs without actually affecting illegal breeders at all.”