Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council Lobbies for Reptile Owners in Ohio Legislature

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Washington, D.C. -- The ability of reptile owners in Ohio to continue to own their pets of choice was in doubt since 2010, when previous Governor Ted Strickland, in his last days in office, issued an Executive Order banning the ownership, breeding, selling, trading and bartering of large constrictors and venomous snakes. Then, the issue took center-stage in October 2011 with the unfortunate incident of the release of many exotic animals in Zanesville, Ohio, prompting Governor John Kasich to take legislative action. The Ohio Dangerous Wild Animals Task Force was formed to come up with recommendations for legislation to regulate exotic animals. Throughout the legislative process that followed, PIJAC worked diligently to protect the rights of reptile owners and businesses in the Buckeye state -- and their tireless efforts were reflected in the final version of Ohio Senate Bill 310, now on Governor Kasich’s desk awaiting his signature into law.