Irvine Citizens to be Deprived of Pets, Circuses, and Rodeos

Contact Information

Michael Maddox
Vp, Government Affairs & General counsel
Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council
202-452-1525 ext 106

(Washington, D.C.) A newly formed coalition of organizations has called upon the City Council to reject a proposal which denies Irvine, California residents the right to buy pets or attend events that involve the exhibition of animals, such as circuses and rodeos. While the City Council awaits final language of this proposal, the most recent draft offers no standards of care for animals nor demands responsible animal stewardship. Its language is couched only in prohibitions, on selling, delivering, giving away or transferring pet animals. In addition, it prohibits conducting any rodeo or circus “or any other similar exhibition or activity” within Irvine. If proponents are successful, these popular activities, which are available nationwide, would suddenly cease to exist in Irvine.