URGENT: Tell the Cambridge City Council not to ban sale of pets, vote NO on amending Title 6 to protect animal welfare, consumer freedoms, and local businesses

08/31/2016 UPDATE - Hearing scheduled for Thursday September 15th at 3:00 p.m.

URGENT: Tell the Cambridge, MA City Council not to ban sale of pets, vote NO on amending Title 6 to protect animal welfare, consumer freedoms, and local businesses

The ongoing effort to ban the sale of pets to consumers across the United States continues; this time the proposed ban would impact almost all animals. We expect a hearing to discuss and vote on the ban on the sale of birds, mammals, and reptiles by licensed and regulated pet stores proposed in thAmendment to Title 6 to be scheduled shortly by the Cambridge City Council.

There is little time to act. We need you to make plans to attend the hearing and use the form below to contact the politicians on the Cambridge City Council and ask that they vote NO on amending Title 6.

Responsible pet ownership begins with finding the ideal companion for your specific circumstances. But the proposed amendment not only repeals consumer protections, it also removes consumers’ ability to use pet stores as highly regulated sources for pets which provide personalized attention and service during, and after, the purchase of a new family pet. This is not in the best interest of Cambridge’s taxpayers or their beloved pets and doing so also fosters an underground black market for pets where there are no protections for animals or consumers.

If the proposed amendment were to become law, consumer freedoms and local businesses take a hit. The small, local businesses that represent Cambridge’s neighborhood pet stores would be forced to close in much the same way as a pet store in Deerfield Beach, Florida had to go out of business after a less extreme local pet sale ban was recently enacted. Don’t let Cambridge be next.

Take action before it’s too late—your voice must be heard!

That’s why it’s important for you to act now. Protect consumer choice and animal welfare from the unintended consequence of underground, unregulated pet sales to ensure the benefits of pet ownership are available to taxpayers through USDA regulated and inspected sources.

We need you to:

  • Use the form below and ask the members of the Cambridge, MA City Council to vote NO on amending Title 6; and
  • Attend the Thursday Sept 15th Ordinance Committee Hearing at 3PM; and 
  • Share this Alert -- this proposal has the potential to become model legislation for animal rights activists and impacts the entirety of the pet trade. 

We need the members of the City Council to understand why they should vote against amending Title 6 and support animal welfare and consumer freedoms. Contact your friends, family, coworkers, employees, and anyone you do business with, and get them to register their views with the committee through our Legislative Action Center in just a few clicks.

Remember to look for further Alerts and Issue Updates from PIJAC to stay informed on any upcoming developments and the time of the hearing for this potential pet sale ban in Cambridge, MA and for other action items on future issues.