URGENT: Las Vegas City Council May Repeal Pet Sale Ban - Let Them Know You Support Removing The Ban!

UPDATE: Tell Council members to VOTE FOR bill no. 2017-40 that repeals pet sale ban via new official link. 

On November 15th, the Las Vegas City Council will consider repealing its ban on the retail sale of certain pets from the well-regulated pet stores. Officials have recently issued a special web form via Google Docs for residents to send in their comments on whether or not to repeal the City's pet sale ban before it goes into full effect. See original Alert below for details.

ACT NOW BEFORE NOV 15! Please use the button or this link to access, and click "FOR" the repeal and complete the rest of the details, then click on "submit".

REMEMBER: We also need supporters to attend the Council Meeting at 9am on Wednesday, Nov. 15th! Be at City Hall (495 S. Main Street) 30-minutes early to fill out your comment card, deliver it to the bin at the front of Council Chambers, and find a seat. 


The Issue:

The Las Vegas City Council will discuss and possibly vote on Bill No. 2017-40 to repeal the prohibition on the sale of dogs, cats, or potbellied pigs by pet shops in the city. We need you and residents of Las Vegas to send in comments and attend the November 15th hearing to show support for a repeal.


In January, 2016 the City Council narrowly passed a ban on the retail sale of pets in the city by a 4-3 vote. The new ordinance brought up on November 15 will repeal the prohibition on the retail sale of pets enacted by Ordinance No. 6491 and codified as LVMC 7.40.315.

In Plain English:

The Las Vegas City Council may pass an ordinance repealing the pet sale ban it originally adopted in January, 2016. Las Vegas residents and those impacted need to support the repeal to make sure consumers in the City have access to a highly-regulated source for pets and stores are still able to supply the Las Vegas community with happy, healthy purebred puppies and other pets. If this ordinance repealing the prohibition does not pass, the pet sale ban will go into full effect on January 6, 2018. 

What You Can Do:

Take a stand and support the repeal by:

  • sending emails to Councilmembers TODAY using the form below telling them to support the repeal using our website and suggested talking points as a starting point for your custom message.
  • attending the hearing on November 15th 2017 at 9am at City Hall, 495 S. Main Street. If you choose to speak, please arrive early to complete and submit a comment card when you enter Council Chambers for the meeting. It’s as simple as saying just a few words when it's your turn to speak: “My name is XYZ, from Las Vegas and I support repealing the pet sale ban.” If you attend and don’t wish to speak, your presence still speaks volumes and it is always helpful to be present and demonstrate support for the repeal by being in the room for the discussion.
  • sharing this notice with other supporters of pet choice, responsible pet ownership, and local businesses in the area so they may send their own messages to the Las Vegas City Council supporting a repeal.

We need your help, ACT NOW! Plan to attend the hearing on November 15th at Las Vegas City Hall and send your messages to the City Council today. There is no time to waste, the City Council needs to hear that you support the repeal!