Texas Shelter Recordkeeping/Disposition Legislation Passed by Committee

House Bill 1916 seeks to amend Chapter 823 (Animal Shelters) of Texas Health & Safety Code to add “releasing agencies” to the chapter and to provide for intake and disposition recordkeeping requirements for both animal shelter and releasing agencies.

Provisions of HB 1916 would require:

  • Each animal shelter or releasing agency operated in Texas to prepare and maintain records on the intake and disposition of animals in their care.
  • Records be made available to the public (on their website, or at their facility).

For purposes of this section:

  • "Releasing agency" means a public or private animal pound, shelter, or humane organization.   The term does not include an individual who occasionally renders humane assistance or shelter in the individual's home to a dog or cat.

PIJAC Position

Many of the legislative issues affecting the pet trade are promoted as “solutions” to address issues of overpopulation that lead to high euthanasia rates, but very few states require their shelters to make their intake and disposition information available to the public. 

PIJAC believes that greater transparency would allow for actions based on sound science and verifiable data instead of anecdotes and emotions.  We support this bill and others like it across the country.