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New York State Invasive Species Regulations - Resources & Labels

Instructions for resources & downloads below

All “Regulated"  animals sold in New York State must:

  • be labeled “Invasive Species – Harmful to the Environment” in at least 14-pt bold type attached to the containers housing live animals and attached to the plants;
  • be approved by the Department of Agriculture and Markets; and
  • offer alternative non-invasive species as well as instructions to care for the animals or plants in a way to prevent their spread by being introduced into a “free-living” state.

Any person who purchases a regulated invasive species shall be required to:

  1. follow any instructions required by the regulations; and
  2. maintain the required instructions until the regulated invasive species is disposed of in a manner that renders it non-living or non-viable.

These regulations extend to all retailers, wholesalers, pond installers, hobbyists, carnivals, and producers selling in or shipping into New York State. These rules also apply to all Internet sellers shipping into the state of New York.

Labels for New York State DEC Regulated Animals

The following labels can be easily printed for your store on a standard Avery mailing label by using their free, easy-to-use software DesignPro 5 (Download DesignPro 5 for Windows | Use Avery Design & Print Online for Mac). This software is a cost effective and efficient way to ensure your labels are properly aligned and printed correctly for your store to comply, pending the development of other approved alternatives.

Seperate labels are required for reach of the regulated species and the standard mailing label can be affixed on display aquariums as well as placed on the fish bags of all regulated species.

A PDF of each species' label sheet is also available below for those who do not wish to use DesignPro 5. Please remember to properly align your printer paper/labels when printing from a PDF.

Please remember to submit copies of labels you design for approval to the Department of Agriculture unit responsible for implementation:

Christopher Logue
Director, Division of Plant Industry
Department of Agriculture and Markets
10B Airline Drive 
Albany, NY 12235

How to access:

Option 1:Download the Avery label file and use DesignPro 5 to ensure your labels print properly for your store. (Download DesignPro 5 for Windows | Use Avery Design & Print Online for Mac)

Option 2: Download the PDF file for each species' sticker and print on your own label sheets. Be sure to properly align the sheets when printing to ensure all information is included on your labels.

 Download labels by species

New York State DEC Regulated Fish:

New York State DEC Regulated Terrestrial and Aquatic Vertebrates:

For a list of all the all species regulated under Part 575 and Frequently Asked Questions click here.

For NYS Invasive Species Lists, Regulations and links to background documents click here.

Animal Care Sheets for Retailers and Hobbyists

PIJAC is pleased to offer the following free downloadable animal care sheets in PDF format. Retailers, please feel free to download and share these care sheets with your customers and first-time hobbyists. These care sheets are intended to only offer basic care for the designated animal. There are several books and online resources available which provide in depth information on specific species and their care.

Click on the specific title or image to download the care sheet.