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"Grove City Council members were searching for answers before voting Monday on whether to ban what would be its only pet store from selling "puppy mill" dogs." - from dispatch.com


"A proposed ordinance that would ban the sale of dogs or cats from pet stores in Tempe unless the animal was obtained from an animal shelter or rescue organization drew strong protests from the store's supporters during a public hearing Thursday night." - from azcentral.com


"SARASOTA - Sarasota County commissioners heard more than 10 hours of public comment from over 100 people before voting 3-2 in favor of an ordinance Wednesday banning the sale of commercially bred dogs and cats in retail establishments." - from heraldtribune.com


"Sarasota County commissioners are scheduled to vote Wednesday on an ordinance that would ban retail pet stores from selling commercially bred dogs and cats." - from heraldtribune.com


"Buying little Johnny a new puppy from your neighborhood pet shop is quickly becoming a thing of the past. And not just in Las Vegas, which voted to ban the retail sale of non-rescue dogs and cats on Jan. 6. - from reviewjournal.com


"A stack of bills will be debated in the State House on Thursday, including laws that would crack down on unlawful tethering and abandoning of pets, but the big one is a ban on the sale of cats and dogs younger than eight weeks old." - from twcnews.com


"APPLETON (WI) - Council members could vote on a proposal to allow snakes up to 6 feet as pets at its Jan. 20 meeting." - from postcrescent.com