Rhode Island Pet Grooming Facility Licensing Bill Sent to Study Order

House Bill 6054 seeks to amend Title 4 (Animal Husbandry), Chapter 19 (Animal Care) of RI General Laws to define “pet grooming facilities” and require that they be licensed by the Department of Environmental Management.

Provisions of HB 6054 include:

  • No person shall provide pet grooming facility service, as defined in this chapter, after the 1st day of the fiscal year unless a license has been granted by the Director to that person.
  • Application for the license shall be made in the manner provided by the director.
  • The license period is the fiscal year and the license fee is $100 for each license period or part beginning with the 1st day of the fiscal year.
  • Any person, firm, or corporation who or that violates any provision of this chapter is subject upon conviction, plea of guilty, or plea of nolo contendere to a fine of $500 for the 1st offense and not to exceed $1,000 for the 2nd and subsequent offense and loss of animal(s) and revocation of license and/or certificate after a public hearing. 
  • For purposes of this section:
  • "Pet grooming facility" means a place or establishment where pets are bathed, cleaned, trimmed, or maintained as a service in return for a fee.

PIJAC Position

PIJAC is proud to be a member of the Professional Pet Groomers and Stylists Association (PPGSA), which released national standards of care regarding safety and sanitation for professional groomers and stylists in September 2016.  PIJAC believes these standards, developed by a coalition of more than fifteen grooming associations and allies representing decades of experience and expertise, should form the basis of any groomer certification program and encourages Rhode Island legislators to meet with the PPGSA to discuss them.

PIJAC is opposed to any state-run licensing regime as such programs create a state-by-state patchwork of regulations developed and overseen by unqualified individuals while doing nothing to facilitate the development of the necessary relationship between professional groomers and responsible pet owners.

If you have any questions regarding this legislation, please call Mike Bober at (202) 452-1525, x 1060.