2019-2020 Legislative Overview - Tennessee

23 pet industry-related issues were proposed in the 2019-2020 legislative session, 8 of which were designated as priority by PIJAC.

Final Disposition of Priority ISSUES:


2019-2020 (ADJOURNED ON 6/19/2020)





HB 281/SB 436

Amends Title 44 (Animals & Animal Husbandry), Chapter 17 (Dogs and Cats) of Tennessee Code Annotated by adding a new Part 801 to require retail pet stores to provide certain information to consumers in connection with purchases of dogs and to prohibit retail pet stores from sourcing dogs from breeders that have committed certain violations.


HB 1643/SB 1747

Amends Title 39 (Criminal Offenses), Chapter 14 (Offenses Against Property), Part 2 (Animals) of Tennessee Code Annotated to require a sentencing court to prohibit a defendant convicted of certain offenses against animals from owning any companion animal for at least 2 years from the date of conviction.


HB 2205/SB 2054

Amends Title 39 (Criminal Offenses), Chapter 17 (Offenses Against Public Health, Safety & Welfare) of TN Code Annotated by adding a new section creating an offense for an owner of a dangerous dog to not have a valid policy of insurance insuring the owner against liability for injuries inflicted by the dog.


REG 2018-001

Proposed rulemaking to amend Chapter 80 (Division of Animal Health) of TN Department of Agriculture Rules by creating a new Section 80-02-15 (Dog and Cat Dealers) to clarify requirements for import, export, and movement of dogs and cats within the state for licensure as a dog and cat dealer.


REG 2019-001

Proposed rulemaking amends Chapter 1660 (TN Wildlife Resources Agency Rules), Chapter 1660-1-26 (Rules and Regulations for Fish Farming, Catch-out Operations, and Bait Dealers) by repealing and replacing the chapter in its entirety to provide additional definitions, lists of approved species and for inspection requirements.



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