2019-2020 Legislative Overview - Maine

13 pet industry-related issues were proposed in the 2019-2020 legislative session, 6 of which were designated as priority by PIJAC.

Final Disposition of Priority ISSUES:


2019-2020 SESSION (ADJOURNED ON 3/17/2020)





HB 61

(LD 64) amends Title 17 (Crimes), Chapter 42 (Animal Welfare), Subchapter 3 (Cruelty to Animals), Section 1031 3B. (Penalties) of Maine Revised Statutes to make post-conviction possession of animals a criminal offense.


HB 1115

(LD 1532) Amends Title 38 (Waters & Navigation), Chapter 16 (Sale of Consumer Products Affecting the Environment) of Maine Revised Statutes by adding a new Section 1611 to prohibit a retail establishment from using single-use carry-out bags to bag products at the point of sale or otherwise make single-use carry-out bags available to customers, with exemptions for certain types and uses of plastic and paper bags.


SB 95

(LD 355) Amends Title 12 (Conservation), Part 13 (Inland Fisheries & Wildlife), Subchapter 15 (Wildlife Importation & Possession Permits and Requirements), Section 12151 (Prohibition) of Maine Revised Statutes add an exemption to the prohibition on keeping wildlife in captivity.


SB 309

(LD 1049) Amends Title 7 (Agriculture & Animals), Part 9 (Animal Welfare), Chapter 745 (Sale of Dogs and Cats), Section 4155 (Rights of the Purchaser) of Maine Revised Statutes Annotated to provide alternative remedies for a purchaser of a dog that has a health problem causing diminished life expectancy.


SB 407

(LD 1311) Amends Part 9 (Animal Welfare), Chapter 745 (Sale of Dogs and Cats) of Maine Revised Statutes by repealing and replacing section 4153 to prohibit a pet shop from selling dogs and cats.


REG 2020-001

Amends Maine Agency Rule 09-137 (Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife), Chapter 7 (Rules for Importation, Possession, Propagation, Rehabilitation, and Exhibition of Wildlife) to govern trade in wildlife species by providing classification and permitting for restricted species of wildlife.



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