2017 Legislative Session Overview - Texas

The Texas Legislature adjourned its 2017 legislative session on May 29, 2017.

33 pet industry-related bills were introduced, 5 of which were considered priority by PIJAC.

Final Disposition of Priority Legislation:




HB 749

Amends Title 1 of the TX Code of Criminal Procedure by adding a new Chapter 61A to create a central database containing information about certain persons who have been convicted of or received a grant of deferred adjudication community supervision for certain offenses involving animal cruelty.


HB 1916

Amends Chapter 823 (Animal Shelters) of TX Health & Safety Code to add releasing agencies to the chapter and to provide intake and disposition recordkeeping requirements for animal shelter and releasing agencies.


HB 2274/

SB 1879

Amends Chapter 822 (Regulation of Animals) of Texas Health & Safety Code by adding a new Subchapter F (Regulation of Dangerous Wild Animals) to provide for registration and regulation of dangerous wild animals.


ORD 2017001

An ordinance amending Chapter 18 (Animals), Section 11 (Restrictions on Animals) of the Clute, TX Code of Ordinances to prohibit the possession of certain exotic, wild and/or dangerous animals within City limits.


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