2017 Legislative Session Overview - Oregon

The Oregon Legislature adjourned its 2017 legislative session on July 7, 2017.

22 pet industry-related issues were introduced, 6 of which were considered priority by PIJAC.

Final Disposition of Priority Legislation:




HB 2719

Amends Volume 4 (Criminal Procedure, Crimes), Chapter 192 (Records, Public Reports, Meetings) of Oregon Revised Statutes to requires a person convicted of certain animal crimes to register with law enforcement agencies.


HB 2809

Amends Volume 13 (Water, Resources, Agriculture & Food), Chapter 609 (Dogs; Exotic Animals; Dealers) of Oregon Revised Statutes to resolve conflict between penalty provisions regarding animal dealer failure to turn over dog or cat to owner.


HB 2918

An Act to prohibit the introduction, propagation or stocking of any wildlife species in the State of Oregon unless authorized by a law approved by the Legislative Assembly.


HB 3204

Amends Oregon Revised Statutes by adding a new section allowing a person to return a pet that has a disease, injury or defect existing at the time of acquisition from a transferor.  Allows for consumer remedies.


HB 3429

Amends Volume 12 (Natural Resources), Chapter 498 (Hunting, Angling and Trapping Regulations; Miscellaneous Wildlife Protective Measures), Section 022 (Purchase, sale or exchange of wildlife prohibited) to clarify the definition of "covered animal species" for purposes of wildlife trafficking prevention program.


REG 37747

Rulemaking to amend Chapter 635, Division 44 (Holding, Propagating Protected Wildlife) to identify species of wildlife that are protected, wildlife that may be held, conditions for holding, and regulate the propagation of game birds and other native wildlife.


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