2017 Legislative Session Overview - Connecticut

The Connecticut General Assembly adjourned its 2017 legislative session on June 7, 2017.

27 pet industry-related issues were introduced, 13 of which were considered priority by PIJAC.

Final Disposition of Priority Legislation:




HB 5415

Would amend CT General Statutes to require the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection to develop a plan for the rapid detection and eradication of newly discovered terrestrial invasive species.


HB 5617

Amends CT General Statutes to prohibit the sale of puppies in pet stores. 

Statement of Purpose: "To protect dogs and customers by prohibiting the sale of puppies produced by out-of-state puppy mills in Connecticut pet stores.”


HB 5854

Amends CT General Statutes to prohibit any person convicted of animal cruelty from engaging in the buying, selling or transfer of any animal, regardless of whether such transaction involves remuneration.


HB 5978

Amends CT General Statutes to create an Animal Cruelty Offender Registry to be administered by the Judicial Department. Would require breeders and sellers of cats and dogs to check the registry before the sale or transfer of an animal and to provide that refusal to sell or transfer to an offender on the registry would be legally justified.


HB 6316

Amends CT General Statutes to require the posting of information for consumers about dogs in animal rescue shelters.  Would require the posting of certain information next to the cage of any animal offered for adoption at an animal rescue shelter, including information concerning the source for such animal and the breed for such animal and notifying the potential purchaser that certain additional information for such animal is available from such shelter or rescue organization.


HB 6326

Would amend the CT General Statutes to prevent the endangerment of companion and service animals. Establishes the requirements for proper shelter for companion animals, including, but not limited to, cats and dogs, and service animals.


HB 6334

Amends Title 22 (Agriculture, Domestic Animals), Chapter 435 (Dogs and Other Companion Animals, Kennels and Pet Shops), Section 22-344 (Licensing of commercial kennel, pet shop, training facility or grooming facility) of CT General Statutes to require the registration of animal shelters and authorize the inspection of such animal shelters by animal control officers for compliance with certain standards.


HB 6340

Amends Title 26 (Fisheries & Game), Chapter 490 (Fisheries & Game), Section 26-78 (Sale of birds, quadrupeds, reptiles or amphibians) of CT General Statutes to put an end to the snapping turtle trade.  Would repeal the exclusion of snapping turtles from regulations that limit or prohibit the taking of certain wild animals.


HB 6350

Amends CT General Statutes to better keep track of dogs imported to the state by animal rescue organizations.  Would require all animal rescue organizations that import dogs to the state to microchip each dog and to retain records that are available to individuals who adopt such dogs.


SB 523

Amends Title 22 (Agriculture), Chapter 435 (Kennels & Pet Shops), Section 344b (Pet shop required to have dogs and cats examined by veterinarian; Replacement or refund; Statement of customer rights; Penalty) of CT General Law to replace required reimbursements for ill or deceased pets previously purchased at pet shops with an arbitration panel that will be responsible for resolving any warrantee disputes concerning such pets.  The arbitration panel would consist of members from pet shops, veterinarians, the State Veterinarian's office and the Departments of Agriculture and Consumer Protection.


SB 602

Would amend the CT General Statutes to reestablish the Task Force on the Humane Treatment of Animals in Municipal Animal Shelters.


SB 1002

An Act designating various days, weeks, months and State symbols to include: 

1) May 1st as Purebred Dog Day to honor purebred dogs and their breeders; and

2) March 13th as National K9 Veterans' Day to honor federal, state and local law enforcement K9 Corps units and their service to local communities, state and country.


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