2017 Legislative Session Overview - California

The California Legislature adjourned its 2017 legislative session on September 15, 2017.

21 pet industry-related bills and ordinances were proposed in California, 8 of which were considered priority by PIJAC.





AB 485

Amends Division 105 (Communicable Disease Prevention & Control), Part 6 (Veterinary Public Health & Safety), Chapter 9 (Pet Store Animal Care) of CA Health & Safety Code by adding Section 122354.5 to provide that a pet store operator shall not sell a live dog, cat, or rabbit in a pet store unless it was obtained from a public animal control agency or shelter, an SPCA, or a humane society shelter.


AB 628

Amends Part 1 (Crimes & Punishments), Title 14 (Malicious Mischief), Section 597.1 of CA Penal Code to further provide for the costs associated with the seizure of animals.


AB 1137

The Pet Friendly Housing Act of 2017 amends Division 31 (Housing & Home Finance), Part 2 (Department of Housing & Community Development), Chapter 2 (Policy Activities of the Department of CA Health & Safety Code by adding a new section 50466 to require the Department to allow a resident of public housing to own or otherwise maintain one or more common household pets.


AB 1491

Amends Division 3 (Obligations), Part 2 (Contracts), Title 4 (Unlawful Contracts) of California Civil Code by adding a new Section 1670.9 to declare a contract entered into on or after January 1, 2018, to transfer ownership of a dog or cat in which ownership is contingent upon the making of payments over a period of time subsequent to the transfer of possession of the dog or cat, void as against public policy unless those payments are on an unsecured loan for the purchase of that animal.


ORD 161352

(San Francisco)

Amends the San Francisco, CA Health Code by adding a new Section 1.C.2 (Sale of Domestic Dogs and Cats) to prohibit pet stores from selling dogs or cats in the city.


ORD 2017003


Amends Chapter 9.44 (Animals), Article IX (Sale and Advertisement of Dogs and Cats) of Sacramento, CA City Code by adding a new Section 800 (Prohibition of Sale in Commercial Establishments) which would prohibit the retail sale of dogs and cats in the City.


ORD 2017004

(South Pasadena)

Amends Chapter 5 (Animals & Fowl) of South Pasadena, CA Municipal Code by adding a new Section 5.22-2 to prohibit the sale of commercially bred dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores, retail businesses, or other commercial establishments.


ORD 2017005

(Del Mar)

An Ordinance amending Title 4 (Animals) of Del Mar, CA Municipal Code by adding a new Chapter 4.09 (Retail Sale of Dogs, Cats & Rabbits) to prohibit the retail sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in the city.


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