COVID-19 and Pets: Information, Resources and Action Items from PIJAC

The health and well-being of everyone in the responsible pet care community, and the animals we care for, is of the utmost important to us here at PIJAC as our world continues to face the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

CALL TO ACTION: With recent surges in COVID-19 infection rates nationwide combined with holiday travel, we expect to shortly see renewed business closure orders. To ensure that the pet care community’s voice on behalf of pets and pet owners continues to be heard, we at PIJAC have prepared a new open letter urging lawmakers to continue to designate pet care as essential with any new restrictions. Please read the letter below and fill out the form to add your signature.

As we continue to monitor developments, take action and work with our public health and government agency partners to share updates with you, we have compiled a set of resources to help you during this ongoing public health crisis. 

Protecting Human and Pet Health

Business Information and Resources

To see other resources PIJAC made available earlier this year, go to our COVID-19 Spring web page



Download a PDF of the current open letter.

January 14, 2021

Open Letter to Federal, State & Local Government Officials Regarding Pets and COVID-19 Precautions

We in the responsible pet care community commend the swift actions you and your peers across the country are taking to protect human health and reduce the current surge in COVID-19 infection cases.  As you take these critical steps to control the spread of the disease, including again directing business closures, we urge you to continue to take into account the well-being of the pets and other animals loved and cared for by the citizens in your communities.  

Nearly 85 million American households own at least one pet, and 95% of pet owners consider their pets to be part of the family, according to the 2019-2020 American Pet Products Association National Pet Owners Survey. As the population faces the ongoing effects of the pandemic, including mental stress and prolonged social isolation, many people turn to their pets for comfort and companionship. The ranks of pet owners have also swelled as unprecedented numbers of people welcomed new pets into their lives over the past months. 

It is vital that businesses that provide the products, services or housing necessary for pet care, and the pets themselves, are included among the critical infrastructure that is allowed to remain open. 

Just as grocery stores and hospitals provide necessary sustenance and medical care to humans, pet stores that sell food, products and supplies, and businesses that offer veterinary, boarding and grooming services, must remain operational to ensure the continued humane care of companion animals. 

Pet stores supply nearly one-third of all dog and cat food; that number is much higher for food required for pets like small mammals, reptiles and fish. Grocery stores generally offer only limited pet products and don’t often have the specialized food, supplements and even medications that are required to maintain the health of millions of beloved pets and animals. Experiences during the first round of regulations earlier this year show that grocery stores are not set up logistically, and alone cannot fulfill the demand, to serve ALL pets in this country. 

Proper care for pets also includes veterinary care, pet boarding and grooming services. Boarding provides a reliable regimen of care for pets of essential workers and first responders. Professional pet grooming offers essential preventative care, keeping pets’ skin, ears and nails healthy and avoiding infections or wounds that would require veterinary intervention – they are not “just haircuts for pets.”

We ask you to ensure that your community has the ability to provide appropriate care for the pets and animals that depend on them, and list businesses that provide for the care of pets as essential retailers that are exempt from any mandatory closures.

Pet businesses quickly adapted to operate in a responsible manner and effectively protect their customers, employees and the pets in their care during the first round of closure mandates, including the adoption of social distancing measures, the wearing of masks and other PPE by employees, and the placement of register shields. We in the responsible pet care community are committed to helping you safeguard both human and animal health and well-being, now and always. 



Mike Bober, President and CEO, Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council
Steve King, CEO, American Pet Products Association
Vic Mason, President, World Pet Association
Celeste Powers, President, Pet Industry Distributors Association
Dennis Sprung, President/CEO, American Kennel Club
Steve Feldman, Executive Director, Human Animal Bond Research Institute
Dana Brooks, President and CEO, Pet Food Institute
Al Puntillo, Steering Committee Chair, Independent & Neighborhood Pet Retail Association
Kevin Cain, Director for Governmental Affairs, Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges
Gene O’Neill, CEO, North American Veterinary Community
Ron Phillips, Vice President, Legislative and Public Affairs, Animal Health Institute
Danelle German, President, National Cat Groomers Institute
Keryn Rod, National Director, Companion Animal Certification & Government Affairs, American Humane
Carmen Rustenbeck, CEO & Founder, International Boarding & Pet Services Association
Jeffrey Reynolds, Executive Director, National Dog Groomers Association of America
Linda Easton, Executive Director, International Professional Groomers
Patti Strand, President, National Animal Interest Alliance
George Eigenhauser, Legislative Coordinator, The Cat Fanciers’ Association


National Retailer Community:

Buzz Wheeler, CEO/Owner, Coastal Farm & Home Supply
Lindsay Mutschler, CFO, Concord Pet Foods and Supplies
Michael Seitz, CEO & Chairman, EarthWise Pet
Jeff David, CEO, Independent Pet Partners
Lars & Marisa Wulff, Co-CEOs, Mud Bay
Michael Levy, Founder and President, and Mark Witriol, Co-Owner, Pet Food Express
Laura Leah English, CEO & Co-Founder, Pet Planet USA
Chris Rowland, CEO, Pet Supplies Plus
Ron Coughlin, CEO, Petco
Joe Watson, President and CEO, Petland
Mike and Trish Elkind, Founders, and Carrie McDermott, CEO, PetPeople
J.K. Symancyk, President and CEO, PetSmart
Joe Dent, President, and Monica Pitzner, Chief Marketing Officer, Three Dog Bakery
Rob Flanagan, and Dan Remus, Co-Founder, Wag N’ Wash Natural Pet Food & Grooming
Sam Bugarsky, President & CEO, Wilco Stores
Paul Allen, Founder and CEO, Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming


Local Retailers & Supporters:


Bill Trufant, President, B & B Pet Stop, Inc. Mobile, AL

Dawn Faust, TICA, El Dorado, AR

Brandy McConnell, Owner, Brandy's In Home Dog Grooming, Rogers, AR

Dick Olson, Owner. Perfection Orientals, Tucson, AZ

Dorothy Olsen, Owner, Perfection Orientals, Tuscon, AZ

Wayne Wiekhorst, DVM, Wayne Wiekhorst, DMV, New River, AZ

Diana Rothermel, Secretary, Phoenix Feline Franciers, Scottsdale, AZ

Nancy Dodds, Subscription Services, USA, AZ

Laura Leah English, CEO, Pet Planet, Mesa, AZ

Frank Mineo, President, CPI Inc., Phoenix, AZ

Daniel Pratt, President, Pratt’s PRets, Glendale, AZ

Lorna Reed, Owner, gentle Groomer, Phoenix, AZ

Andy Avigdor, Owner/CEO, My Pet Market, Phoenix, AZ

Chris Buerner, Quality Marine, Los Angeles, CA

Steve Lambourne, Steve Lambourne CO. Inc. Sylmar, CA

Scott Rath, VP Distribution, Central Pet, Santa Fe Springs, CA

Chris Clevers, President, Hikari Sales USA, Inc. Hayward, CA

Judy Breton, Owner, Judy Breton Consulting, Sacramento, CA

Gary Bagnall, President/CEO, Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc., San Luis Obispo, CA

Stan Owens, VP Sales, Spectrum Brands, Oak Park, CA

Sharon Coleman, President, The Animal Councilm Millbrae, CA

Pamela Hill, Ownerm Echo Hill, Layafette, CA

Tara Trejo, Dog Grooming, Sanger, CA

Rhonda Avery, Grand Canyon Cat Club, Oxnard, CA

Dee Johnson, CFA, Roseville, CA

David Macias, Riverside, CA

Carolyn Osier, Owner, Wil-o-glen, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Marie Scherb, Santa Clarita, CA  

Dee Cantley, owner, Kikapoo, Rowland Hts, CA

Daniel Gilboa, President, Age of Aquariums, Signal Hill, CA

Jennifer Rosas, Pet Groomer/Owner, Serenity Pet Spaw, San Diego, CA

Theodore Pino, Owner, Tropical Haven, Modesto, CA

Elan Miller, Owner, Diamond Reptiles and Supplies, San Mateo, CA

Susan Jaffe, Paralegal, The Jaffe Law Firm, San Francisco, CA

Stephen Jaffe, Attorney, The Jaffe Law Firm, San Francisco, CA

Linda Hudson, Business Owner, The Dog Zone, Monrovia, CA

Doug Poindexter, Retired, Monrovia, CA

Mark Lanza, Vice President, Labrador Franchises, Inc. La Verne, CA

Roger Ma, CEO/Co-Founder, Pet Zone SD Inc., San Diego, CA

Patricia Thorpe, Owner, Palm Ridge Grooming Gallery, Chula Vista, CA

Rebecca Campbell, Owner, The Soggy Doggy, Santa Rosa, CA

Jeri Deatherage, Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii, Rohnert Park, CA

Craig Froley, President, LumaSoothe, LLC, Dana Point, CA

Teri DiMarino, President, California Professional Pet Groomers Association, Beaumont, CA

Kathy McFall, Owner/Operator, Kathy’s Pet Salon, Inc., Novato, CA

Diane Tucker, Rohnert Park, CA

Cheroane Fulmer, Business Owner, Peace Love and Pets- Grooming Salon, Placerville, CA

Cyndi Tumminia, Wagsrp LLC, Rohnert Park, CA

Bryanna Davis, Groomer, 100% Fancy Grooms, Fresno, CA

Katryn Robinson, President, Renaissance Pet Resort & Spa, Banning, CA

Rachel Bowlin, Ruff Around the Edges, Fresno, CA

Lynn Wright, Owner, Grooming by Lynn, Paso Robles, CA

Carla Ng-Garrett, Sales Manager, Earthbath, San Francisco, CA

Sally Randall, Owner, Pro-Groom, Roseville, CA

Sanchia Hendricks, Owner/operator, Canine Showcase, Sunnyvale, CA

John Jorn Owner, Shillington Aquariums, Calimesa, CA

Victoria Frank, Pet Groomer, From Wags to Whiskers Pet Salon, Waterford, CA

Thomas Leske, Owner, The Pet Wash, El Segundo, CA

Jane Bond, Owner, Eco Dog Care LA and Eco Dog Care, Los Angeles, CA

Sarah East Supervisor, Fallbrook Fertilizer, Feed & Farm Supply, Fallbrook, CA

Katie Cupps, Certified Professional Pet Groomer, Beyond Pawfection, Roseville, CA

Ashley Tilson, Salon Manager, Swaggs inc. Agoura Hills, CA

Anthony Oliveira, Owner, Groomingdales, San Mateo, CA

Monika Conrardy, Owner, Monika’s Grooming, Campbell, CA

Vincent Camilleri, Owner, All Aboard Dog Grooming, Novato, CA

Sandi Cain, Freelance Business Reporter, Sandi Cain Communications, Laguna Beach, CA

Sharon Sullivan, Owner, Neptune’s Tropical Fish, Highlands Rach, CO

Marvin Schaffer, Owner, J & M Aquatics & Pet Center, Grand Junction, CO

Aaron Blake, Owner, Animal Attraction LLC, Greeley, CO

Deb White, CEO, Super Bird Creations, Grand Junction, CO  

Julie Holmes, Brand Director, Unique Manufactuing & Marketing, Arvada, CO

Jeremy J. Petersen, Founder, President & CEO, Identity Pet Nutrition, Denver, CO

Bree Maestas, President, Pet City BAJA Inc. Colorado Springs, CO

Mark Johnson, Central Pet, Aberdale CT, Peyton, CO

Karen Horak, Owner, Poudre Pet and Feed Supply, Fort Collins, CO

Matt Kurtz, Manager, The Fish Crew, Fort Collins, CO

Heather Thoutt, Managing Member, Elite Reef, Denver, CO

Danielle Jarock, President, Quality Paws Natural Pet Inc. Denver, CO

Heather Thoutt, Owner, Elite, Reef, Denver, CO

Sheila-Greg, Owners, Retail pet store, Denver, CO

Kim Roberts, Territory Manager, Wilson & Associates, Lakewood, CO

Laura ‘Peach’ Ried, President, Fish Mart, West Haven, CT

Robert Bray, Managing Member, House of Fins, Greenwich, CT  

Katie Velie, Manager, Nahacky’s Aquarium, Melbourne, FL

Marcye Sweeney, President, Sea in the City, Orlando, FL

Sandy Moore, President, Segrest Inc. Gibsonton, FL

David Boozer, Exec. Director, FL Tropical Fish Farms Association, Winter Haven, FL

Kathryn Brady, Katsmith, Kissimmee, FL

Carla Bizzell, Owner, Mabuhay Chartreux, Pensacola, FL

David Schuler, Manager, Pet Safari Clearwater, Clearwater, FL

Keven Vogenberger, Owner, Reptile Maet, North Ft Myers, FL

Cheri Phillips, Owner/Designer, Unique Cherie, Silver Springs, FL

Audree Berg, Owner, Auggie’s Doggies, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL

April Meier, Business Owner, Pawsitively Scrumptious, Crestview, FL

Nancy Okun, Owner, Cats n Dogs, Port Charlotte, FL

Marissa Byrum, Director of Communications Shell's Feed & Garden Supply, Inc., Tampa, FL

Shandra Friend, Owner, A Groom Above, Lake City, FL

Katie Velie, Manager. Nahacky’s Aquarium, Melbourne, FL

Michael Clark, Director of Sales and Marketing, Segrest Inc. Conyers, GA

Monte Brokate, Owner / Franchisee, Petland of Rome and Petland of Dalton, Dalton, GA

Janet Baker, Owner, Jumping Dog Agility Equipment, Whitesburg, GA  

Jessica Brandon, Salon, Hair of the dog pet grooming, Ludowici, GA

Robert Lawrence, President, Koolau Pets Inc. Kaneohe, HI

Ian Bonnette, owner, Something Fishy Tropical Fish Store, Dubuque, IA

Chris Hoagland, Owner, Finned Fanatics, Newton, IA

Elaine Meyer, Owner/Operator, Mes. Doodlemeyers' Doghouse, Lewiston, ID

Carl Swanson, President, Petland Pets, Waye, IL

Cary Plummer, Stars RU’s Pecatonica, IL

Darlene Adkins, Ty-Ty Persians, Springfield, IL

Liz Brown, Owner, Chemicoons, Caledonia, IL

Dave Drake, Director of Operations, Aquarium Adventures, Hoffman Estates, IL

Adam Berger, Owner, Petland Round Lake Beach, Petland Racine. Round Lake Beach, IL   

Shelia Spitza, President, Wet Nose, Inc., Geneva, IL

Douglas Gronowski, Owner, Orland Park Boarding Kennel & Natural Pet Food Center, Orland Park, IL

Janelle Pitula, Small Business Owner, Wags to Whiskers, Plainfield, IL

Mark Newberg, Director, Central Garden & Pet, Schaumburg, IL

Alicia Herman, Phos Hilaron LLC, Fort Wayne, IN

William Heyman, Jr. President, Critterland, Inc. d.b.a. Atlantis Aquatic Gardens, Terre Haute, IN

Julianne Clark, Phoenix Rise Singapuras, Merriam, KS

John Stolz, Owner, Tails & Scales Inc. Derby, KS

Sherry Emerson, Co-Owner, Pet World Lawrence, Lawrence, KS

Keith Durham, Owner, The Fish Room, Liberty, KY

Khris Berry, Director of Grooming, WPA, Goshen, KY

William Berry, Owner, See Spot Grooming and Daycare, Louisville, KY

Leanne Stuckey, Owner, The Happy Hound Hotel, LLC, West Monroe, LA

Beverly Byron, Owner/operator, Phat Dawgs All Breed Pet Grooming LLC, Monroe, LA

Rebecca Savard, President, Fish Works, Ashland, MA

Mary Condon, Cat Fanciers Association, Danvers, MA

Deb Joyce, Volunteeer, Projectpiaba.org, Quincy, MA

Katie Mahoney, Rolf C.Hagen (USA) Corp, Dorchester, MA

Elizabeth Olson, Owner, LaundroMutt Inc., Cambridge, MA

Nicoll Vincent, Owner/Groomer, For K-9s & Felines, LLC, Westfield, MA

JoAnne Wahl-McCarthy, CEO, Paws for Purpose and Play, Topsfield, MA

Anjoe Coates, Furry Tails Grooming Salon & Spa, Holden, MA

Honor Blume, Owner/Groomer, BowMeow, Regency, Sheffield, MA

Angie Robinson, Bark & Park Mobile Grooming, Springfield, MA

Leanna Devaney, Employee, Best Buddy Pet Spa, Marshfield, MA

Franki Henriques, Pet Stylist, K9 Ranch Inc, Avon, MA

Emily Morelli, Pedigree Pup, Bedford, MA

Michael Hresko, VP, House of Tropicals, Glen Burnie, MD

Lyn Knight, Self, Mt Airy, MD

Celeste Powers, President, Pet Industry Distributors Association, Abingdon, MD

Laurie Coughlan, Retired, Parkville, MD

Janet D’Agostino, Secretary/Treasurer, Crab & Mallet Cat Club, Timonium, MD

Joseph Wagner, Today’s Pets, Inc., Elkridge, MD

William Unger, Owner, Scales-N-Tails. LLC, LaVale, MD

Brian O’Neill, Owner, Wet Pet & Reptile Center, LLC. Baltimore, MD

Mary Jane, Nagel, Member, St Michaels Pet Supplies LLC, St Michaels, MD

Noreen Javornik, Acupenture with Noreen, Laurel, MD

Jessica Miklasz, Passionate Paws & Claws, Crofton, MD

Kristen Wear, Owner, Bandanas Dog Grooming, LLC, Silver Spring, MD

Hollyanne Dustin, Proprietor, Feline Friends, Cat Care & Consulting, East Waterboro, ME

Luis Raya, Manager, Rawz Natural Pet Foods, York, ME

Martha Matthews, Kalamazoo Ringers, Holland, MI

Mark Smith, President, Frontier Distributing, Inc. Oxford, MI

Robert Agresta, CFA, Oxford, MI

Wendy Goldman, Owner/Operator, Howell, MI

A.L Wilson, Wynterwynd, South Haven, MI

Candice Massey, CFA, Alpena, MI

Courtney Mccord, Dotty’s, Burton, MI

Alyssa Rahmann, VP HR, Josh’s Frogs, Owosso, MI

Joshua Willard, Josh’s Frogs LLC, Owosso, MI

Karen Overholser, Pet Owner, Pine City, MN

Julie Johnson, CVT, VTS, University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center, Savage, MN

Susan Kline, Pet Owner, CFA, Burnsville, MN

Rick Berndt, Owner, Pet Zone, Bemidji, MN  

Barry Benjamin, Happy Tails Pet Store, Owatonna, MN

Joseph Ferriero, Owner, You Pet’Cha, Morris, MN

Monika Hamlin, Rip Tide Aquatics, Pine River, MN

Misty Fleming, Owner, Pinnacle Vet Clinic, Neosho, MO

Melissa Cox, Owner, Ozark Valley Puppies, Neosho, MO

Susan Charles, CFA, Country Club, MO

Drew Barbes, Pet Owner, TICA, Stickton, MO

Shelia Walker, Private Owner, Waynesville, MO

Chris Fleming, Owner, Pinnacle Pet, Neosho, MO

Jill Allen, Owner, Bark 2 Basics, LLC, O’Fallon, MO

Stephanie Nuce, Co-Owner, Goode Grooming, Tracy, MO

Chase Pierce, Owner, Tail Waggers Montana, Whitefish, MT

Josh Allen, Founder, Dee-O-Gee, Bozeman, MT

Kimberly Downling, General Manager, Aquatica of Charlotte, Charlotte, NC

Jan, Beardsley-blanco, Former Breeder, New London, NH  

Patrick Donston, President, Absoluetly Fish Inc, Clifton, NJ

Jane Cagney, Owner, TLC Mobile Grooming, Chester, NJ

Kate Preston, Just So Persians, Union, NJ

Warren, Van Varick, Owner, Sea Level Aquarium, Pinebrook NJ

Vincent Sheehan, Owner, Pet Concepts LLC DBA Katie’s Pet Depot, North Brunswick, NJ

Rick Dunnahoo, VP Sales & Marketing, Clifford W.Estes CO, Fairfield NJ

Bill Loesch, Owner, All About Pets, LLC, Sea Grit, NJ

Elizabeth White, Cat Fanciers Association, Inc. Albuquerque, NM

Ricardo Annese, Owner, lassy Canines Spa & Salon, Las Cruces, NM

Marshello Arnold, Owner, Pretty Pooch & Kitty Too!, Farmington, NM

Barry Berman, President, NexPet Retailer Co-op, New York, NY

Alan Cohen, President/CEO, Blue Ribbon Pet Products, Inc. Bohemia, NY

Jim Siedwand, President, Pet World & Aqua Shoppe, Rochester, NY

Debra Weiner, CFA, Williamsville, NY

Ed Duncan, President, Eddie’s Aquarium Centre Inc. Cohoes, NY 

Tom Bush, Owner, Cold Blooded PlayThings, Rocky Point, NY

Tyler Smith, Manager, Jungle Bob’s Reptile World, Seldon, NY

Karen Congero, Owner, Style A Dog, LLC, St Thomas, NY  

Mark Meyer, Owner, Mark’s Country Store, Springville, NY

Pat Schiek, Lucky Dogs Canine Services, Skaneateles, NY

Pilar Nalus, Owner, Trendi Pawz Grooming and Spa, Long Beach, NY

David Mare, CFA Judge, Las Vegas, NV

Ellyn Honey, CFA, Las Vegas, NV

Jeff Fausett, President, Petland Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

Greg Harris, Owner, Blue Reef Aquatics, N Las Vegas, NV

Kathleen Vinulan, Manager, Puppy Boutique Las Vegasm Las Vegas, NV

Paulo Tomas, President & CEO, Puppy Boutique Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Shahar, Owners, Bubbie’s Store, Las Vegas, NV

Amy Mack, COO, Reptiles by Mack, Xenia, OH

John Mack, CEO, Reptiles by Mack, Xenia, OH 

Kimberly Stout, President, Coastal Pet Products, Alliance, OH

Tim Norsen, VP of Sales, Vitakraft Sun Seed, Bowling Green, OH

Lorna Friemoth, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Columbus, OH

Rick Ruff, Owner, About Cats and Dogs LLC, Hudson, OH

Donna Thompson, CFA, Sebring, OH  

Cynthia White-Harpe, President, For Pets Sake, LLC, North Ridgeville, OH

Mark George, President, Reptiles by Mack, Xenia, OH

Richard Stevenson, BRM Exotic Expo LLC, Fostoria, OH

Brett Everhart, Wholesale Manager, Reptiles by Mack, Xenia, OH

Emily Ellsworth, Owner, Pure Pet, Salem, OH

Marguerite Goodwin, Purebred Rescue and Relocation Society, Inc. Johnstown, OH

Carrie McDermott, CEO, Pet People, Worthington, OH

Ronald Keller, Owner, Captivating Canines, Westerville, OH

Julie Malesko, HR, RBM, Kettering, OH

Amber Hudson, Owner, The Aquarium Pet Store, Weatherford, OK

Marcie Riviera, CEO, The Wet Spot Tropical Fish, Portland, OR

Steve Lundblad, President, The Cichlid Exchange, Portland, OR

Dani Wright, Owner, McKenzie Feed & Pet Supply, Springfield, OR

Dave Herz, VP Operations, Bold Canine Inc. Erin, Ontario, OR

Joyce Caldiera, Grooming Services Manager, Wilco, Mount Angel, OR

Kate Lindburg, President, Animal Crackers Pet Supply, Corvallis, OR

Susan Brown, Sr. VP Sales & Marketing, F.M. Brown’s Sinking Spring, PA

Richard Winslow, Owner, Heartland Pets, Erie PA

Sue Storten, Mckittycreek, Erie, PA

Dawn Gibson, CFA, Moon Township, PA

Rick Amour, President, That Fish Place- That Pet Place, Lancaster, PA

Craig Wood, Owner, C&C Tropical Paradise Pet Shop, Philipsburg, PA

Joshua Schnarrs, Manager, C&C Tropical Paradise Pet Shop, Philipsburg, PA 

Thomas Barone, Owner, Azo Reptiles, Saylorsburg, PA

Richard Glitsch, Owner, Aquati Gardens, Beaver Falls, PA

Kerian Adamo, W.F. Young, Inc. Drexel Hill, PA

Kathy Rearden, Owner, The Shoppe Pets Purrfur, Reading, PA

Teresa Black, Office Manager, PawFect Grooming, Aliquippa, PA

Renee Lauer, Owner, Animal Hut, Pittsburgh, PA

Steven Yampolsky, President, PetNovations, Phoenixville, PA

Jay-Jay Flanagan-Grannemann, Columbia, SC

Trent Bergren, Sales Maanger, Ultra Pet, Anderson, SC

Tammy Lichtenfels, Owner/Certified Groomer, Lakeside Grooming, Leesville, SC

Bobbie Baugher, National Certified Master Groomer, Self-employed, Brandon, SD

David Rizkalla, Owner, The Reef Doctor LLC, Nashville, TN

Grace Sutton, CFA, Stephenville, TX

Leesa Altschul, Owner, Surreal Persian, Arlington, TX

Sandra Loewenstein, None, Austin, TX

Vicky Edwards, CFA, Arlington, TX

Gerald Beathard, Owner, 3rd Coast Ball Pythons, Livingston, TX

Ryan Blakley, Walter’s World of Pets, Lubbock, TX

Stoney Dehart, Owner, Stormy’s Place Moscow, TX

Sharon Jones, Owner, Guardian Pet Sitters, The Colony, TX

George Benz, President & CEO, Trixie Pet Products, Inc., Fort Worth, TX

Pam Roussell, Founder & CEO, Purrrfectly Holistic, Houston, TX

Donna McPherson, President, A Glawmorous a Pet Pawlor Corp., Chesapeake, VA

Sue Robbins, Owner, Suzie Kat Sturdi Products, Madison, VA

Joe Genero, President, Fish World, North Chesterfield, VA

Joseph Severts, Owner, Pet Paradise Vb LLC, Virginia Beach, VA

David Muller, owner, Centreville Aquarium, Centreville, VA

Matthew O’Leary, Owner, Felix & Oscar, Springfield, VA

Robert Cook, President & CEO, Pinogy Corporation, Leesburg, VA

Mary Margaret Callahan, Chief Mission Officer, Pet Partners, Bellevue, WA

Thomas Arnold, CEO, PetHub, Inc. Wentachee, WA

Carolyn, Kampsula, Owner, Kam-Lu kattery, Vancouver, WA

Sharon Willard, Issaquah, WA

Shannon Randall, Manager, Farmland Pets, Silverdale, WA

Dan Ginsburg, President, Evergreen Pet Supply, Inc. Tacoma, WA

Tom Boland, President & CEO, Skagit Farmers Supply & Country Store, Burlington, WA

Terri Entler, President, Healers Petcare Inc., Vancouver, WA

Dawna Lawson, Owner, Bark N Bubbles Mobile Dog Grooming, Spokane, WA

Tracie Lindsey, Manager/Groomer, Dee’s Dog Grooming, Spokane, WA

Kari Cooners, Groomer, Canine Divine, Bellingham, WA

Brianna Larson, Owner/Professional Pet Groomer, Zoomim’ Groomin’ Spokane, WA

Lisa Brandmeier, Owner/Member, Inca's Secret Parrot Toys & Boarding, LLC, Kent, WA

Carol Olin, Owner Operator Groomer, Four Paws llc DBA The Soapy Paw, Snohomish, WA

James Blackburn, Ownerm J&B Hobbies, Janesville WI

Jim Reiman, Owner, Tropic Waters Pet Center, Eau Claire, WI

Dawn Fuchs, Business Manager, Maranda Ent/ CoolerDog Brand, Mequon, WI

Emily Sanders, Owners, Exotic Jungle Pet Superstore, Morgantown, WV

Joe Veltri, Owner, Eastern Pet Supply Outlet, Bridgeport, WV