Response to letter from U.S. Senators and Representatives recommending a ban on the international trade of wildlife to international organizations


Response to letter from U.S. Senators and Representatives recommending a ban on the international trade of wildlife to international organizations

letter authored by leading pet care industry groups to Senators Cory Booker and Lindsey Graham and Representatives Mike Quigley and Michael T. McCaul was sent in response to an April 8, 2020 letter which recommended a ban on the international trade of wildlife. Please use the form below to submit a request if you would like your name to be included on this letter.

As the unprecedented situation surrounding the global coronavirus pandemic develops, we in the safe, responsible, and regulated pet trade understand that government officials are considering policy changes while working to stop the spread of COVID-19. It is important for those in the legal and regulated U.S. pet trade to share their concerns on potential impacts to both domestic and international trade and ensure these officials receive accurate and science-based information on issues of concern.

Letter from the pet care community with an updated list of signatories

Original letter from the pet care community sent on April 21

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*Note* the original version of this letter was sent on Tuesday, April 21, 2020. We are updating the signatures below and the downloadable PDF each weekday as more members of the pet care community sign their support. 

Open Letter to Senators Cory A. Booker and Lindsey O. Graham and Representatives Mike Quigley and Michael T. McCaul Regarding Your Requested Ban on the International Trade of Live Wildlife

We in the responsible pet care community are extremely concerned by the threat to human health posed by the rapidly evolving coronavirus pandemic, and applaud many of the steps taken by government at all levels to help control the spread of disease and support economically devasted Americans. However, we urge you to reconsider the sweeping prohibition on international live wildlife trade that you requested in your April 8, 2020, letter to the WHO, OIE and FAO. This action would provide little defense against future novel widespread infections, while doing dramatic damage to American businesses.

Like you, we are dedicated to preventing the spread of zoonotic diseases, but so-called “wet markets,” where novel human diseases have originated, should not be conflated with the broad legal international wildlife trade. The COVID-19 virus was not spread internationally through wildlife, but instead through human-to-human contact. Wildlife has been legally imported into the U.S. for over 50 years without creating a zoonotic incident, and these animals pose no more threat to human health than imported and domestic animals that are already in the country.

According to the 2019-2020 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 67% of American households (84.9 million) own at least one pet—and the ideal pet for over 19.5 million of those households is a reptile, small mammal, bird or fish. Many of these are wild-caught or farm-raised internationally. Those that are raised domestically come from breeders who must regularly acquire new animals from unrelated bloodlines to prevent inbreeding. Halting the legal international trade of these species would eliminate the opportunity to enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of pet ownership, such as lowering stress and blood pressure, for millions of Americans.

Just one example is aquarium stores. A ban on the importation of wildlife would unnecessarily devastate the aquarium hobby, as fish pose zero risk of being infected and carrying COVID-19, and pose little risk of carrying any zoonotic disease. There are very few marine species collected or bred in the U.S., so a ban would end saltwater aquarium keeping and the thousands of American small businesses that provide equipment, fish, supplies and maintenance services to those hobbyists would be forced to close.

Captive breeding of reptiles and arachnids has been highly successful in the United States, but these programs must continually have access to new breeding stock to ensure genetic diversity. Breeders often bring in new animals from responsible, well-regulated overseas breeding facilities. Also, many of the reptiles, small mammals such as ferrets, and arachnids bred in the United States are exported to other countries. A ban on wildlife trade would destroy the market for those artisanal breeding operations, which are often small local businesses.

We ask you to work with the WHO, OIC and FAO to ensure that these agencies’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic focuses on the true threat from “wet markets” and does not create unintended consequences for responsible pet owners and businesses. Live animals for the pet trade have moved between countries successfully for decades under a heavily regulated and internationally monitored system that protects both human and animal health. A broad ban on the existing legal trade in live animals will do little to protect Americans from another novel zoonotic disease outbreak. It will only do great harm to already suffering small businesses and deprive millions of families of the joys of pet ownership.

If you have any questions or need additional information, we in the responsible pet care community stand ready to help you develop thoughtful and science-based measures to safeguard both human and animal health and well-being.



Mike Bober, President and CEO, Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council
Steve King, CEO, American Pet Products Association
Vic Mason, President, World Pet Association
Celeste Powers, President, Pet Industry Distributors Association
Kevin Erickson, President, Marine Aquarium Societies of North America
Phil Goss, President, United States Association of Reptile Keepers
Robin M. Turner, Executive Director, Animal Transportation Association
Patti Strand, President, National Animal Interest Alliance

Pet care community (updated 07/29/20): 

Waleed Alyafei, Reef2reef.com, Abu Dhabi
Craig Brummell, Chairman, PIJAC Canada, Ottawa, Canada
Andrew Long Teng, Freelancer, Burnaby, Canada
Chris Blair, Concerned Hobbyist, Castlegar, Canada
Josh Haber, Hobbyist, Responsible Pet Caregiver, Calgary, Canada
James Covert, Hobby breeder, Halifax, Canada
Thomas Jung, Dipl. Fisheries Biologist, von Wussow Importe GmbH, Pinneberg, Deutschland
Dominic Whitmee, Chief Executive, Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA), Westbury, England
Olivier Dominikowski, Président de Commission, PRODAF, 75019 Paris, France
Nina Johannes, Manager, CV. Aqua First Bali, Buleleng, Indonesia
Oliver Giesler, Concerned pet owner, Eilat, Israel
Edwin Romme, Romme Reptiles, Nieuw Vennep, Nederland
Matt Dyer, Director, Eastern Marine Aquariums Ltd, Wiri, Auckland, New Zealand
Svein A. Fossaa, Secretary General, Norwegian Pet Trade Association (NZB), Grimstad, Norway
Thomas Wood, RVS Fishworld INC & Golden Ocean PNG, Metro Manilla, Philippines
Tomas Tanchanco, Marinaquaria Fish Trading, Paranaque City, Philippines
Anilkumar Billones, Proprietor, MBDB Marine Trading, Las Pinas City, Philippines
Kiuslei Cassiolato, Ipiranga peixes, São Paulo
Junkai Ong, Aquarium Iwarna Pte Ltd., Singapore
Derek Thomson, Livestock Manager, TROPICAL MARINE CENTRE, Chorleywood, UK
Mark Harris, MacQuatics Exotics, Sutton-in-Ashfield, UK
Brian Schaff, Tropical Marine Centre, Chorleywood, UK
Peter Pulman, Hobbyist, Gosport, UK
Ian Callander, Account Manager, Voices.com, UK
Bill Trufant, President, B & B Pet Stop, Inc., Mobil, AL
John Sherwood, President, Safari Pets Inc., Cabot, AR
Kevin King, Ginger Snaps Exotic, Lonoke, AR
Quentin Flowers, Citizen, Benton, AR
David Martin, MD, Razorback Reef Marine Aquarist Society, Conway, AR
Althea Egan, Complete Pet East, Batesville, AR
Tanner, Mote, Aquarium Hobbyist, Reef2Reef, Jonesboro, AR
Robert Phillips, Hobbyist, R2R, Apache Junction, AZ
Kenneth Onulak, AZ Frag, Scottsdale, AZ
Scott Weiner, Hobbyist, Scottsdale, AZ
Christopher Dillingham, Repair Technician, Self-Employed, Mesa, AZ
Philip Demarest, Responsible Reef Aquarium Owner, Private Citizen, Gilbert, AZ
Pam Munici, President and Director, North American Pet Pig Association, Gilbert, AZ
Eric Heaslett, Territory Manager, Central Pet, Tuscon, AZ
Seth Carden, Assistant Manager, The Ocean Floor, Phoenix, AZ
Michael Martinez, Manager, Fishy Bizness Aquatics LLC, Tucson, AZ
Vicki Mineo, VP, CPI INC., Phoenix, AZ
Thomas Edling, DVM, MSpVM, MPH, Edling Consulting, TUCSON, AZ
Christian Kaleta, Owner, Predators Reptile Center, Mesa, AZ
Bob Bittner, Owner, Reef Stew & More, Phoenix, AZ
Ken Bryant, KRB Imaging, Surprise, AZ
Jason Fontana, Reef Aquarist, GCU, Anthem, AZ
James Cox, Aquarium Pet Owner/Hobbyist, Litchfield Park, AZ
William Conroy, Owner, Desert Pet, Tucson, AZ
William Bramucci, Owner, Epic Aquaculture, SURPRISE, AZ
Nathaniel Kutnick, Owner, Santan Reptiles LLC, Maricopa, AZ
Annabel Cox, Owner, Urban Dragon Co., Queen Creek, AZ
Antonio Gutierrez, Owner, Vivid Creative Aquatics, LLC, Phoenix, AZ
Brandon Pearce , Owner, Shallow reef aquatics, Tucson, AZ
Rochelle Demarest, Aquarium Hobbyist Goldies On The Reef, Gilbert, AZ
Ashley Arvidson, reef hobbyist, n/a, Mesa, AZ
Roy Arena, Hobbyist, R2R, Chandler, AZ
Christopher Hemmer, CEO, Hemmer Enterprises, Sunnyvale, CA
Romeo Matining, Aquarium Hobbyist, R2R, Cerritos, CA
David Dieter, Sr. Director of Sales and Marketing, Zoo Med Labs, Inc., San Luis Obispo, CA
Alfredo Miqueleiz, Manager, Kroger, Huntington Beach, CA
Jeremy Riforgiate, SPC, US Army, Monterey, CA
Matt Zang, Hobbyist, Redlands, CA
Tim Stolp, Concerned Hobbyist, Irvine, CA
Tatao Luo, Owner, All About Fish, Pleasant Hill, CA
Kaitlyn Northcott-Bruns, Owner, Unhinged Reptiles, CANYON COUNTRY, CA
Sven Klitgaard, American Truck Driver, xpo logistics, Redding, CA
Nick Polis, Esq., Citizen, Reseda, CA
Brian Barranco, Citizen, Oceanside, CA
Jerrod Johnson, Pet Owner, San Diego, CA
Noah Winn, Sales/Marketing, Kessil, El Sobrante, CA
Elan Miller, Owner, Diamond Reptiles and Supplies, San Mateo, CA
Thomas Hunter, Owner, Wonderful World Pet Suppliers, Inc., Richmond, CA
Greg Mull, General Manager, Petco, Modesto, CA
Vickie King, Owner, The Reptile Den, Lake Elsinore, CA
Carlo Paolilli, Concerned Reef Pet owner, Clovis, CA
Daniel Mulleary, DM Exotics, Los Alamitos, CA
Evan Wooldridge, Owner, Decked Out Geckos, Los Angeles, CA
Jeff Leverett, Owner, Reptilemania, Stockton, CA
Tristan Koga, Store Manager, Reptile Island, Placentia, CA
Bob Weigant, Aquarium Hobbyist, Reef2Reef, Hayward, CA
Christopher Sharp, Sharp Shooter Reptiles, Madera, CA
Stephen Sykes, Business Owner, Geckos Etc. Herpetoculture, Roseville, CA
Michael Clarkson, Pelamis Productions, Hermosa Beach, CA
Brian Martin, Citizen, Lodi, CA
Jason Mahar, Kaiser Permanente, Cerritos, CA
Alan Brian, Concerned Aquarist, San Diego, CA
Thomas Fragale, Broker, Modern Management, Redondo Beach, CA
Jeff Graf, Supervisor, Mercury Insurance, Claremont, CA
Bruce Blumberg, Professor of Developmental and Cell Biology, University of California, Irvine, Irvine, CA
Daniel Bannister, Reef2Reef, Ontario, CA
David Shadle, Concerned Citizen, Belmont, CA
Jonathan Williamson, Vice President Animal Care & Merchandising, Petco Animal Supplies, San Diego, CA
Carl Crawford, CEO, Pohina Inc., San Pedro, CA
Cynthia DeLillo, Corporate Accounts Manager, Quality Marine, Los Angeles, CA
Shareen King, President, Complete Aquatic Systems, Gardena, CA
Benjamin Potter, Central Coast Reef Keepers, San Luis Obispo, CA
Scott Rath, Vice President, Central Pet, Santa Fe Springs, CA
Julie Hutchings, CO-Owner/V.P., Mello Sales Group, Inc., Napa, CA
Robert Miller, CFO, Sea Dwelling Creatures, Los Angeles, CA
Gary Bagnall, President/CEO, Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc., San Luis Obispo, CA
Chris Clevers, President, Hikari Sales USA, Inc., Hayward, CA
Ken Fontes, CFO, Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc., San Luis Obispo, CA
Anthony Quintero, Owner, Koi Enterprises, West Sacramento, CA
Ryan Westbrook, Territory Manger, Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc., Oxnard, CA
Rita Zarate, VP Sales and Marketing, Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc., San Luis Obispo, CA
Thushara Weerakkkody, S.W. Sales Director, Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc., San Luis Obispo, CA
J. Chris Nicholas, Territory Manager Sales, Central Pet, Santa Fe Springs, CA
Christine Najera, CEO, Animal Kingdom of Santa Monica Inc., Santa Monica, CA
Joshua Barraza, Owner, Daryl's Pet Shop, Redlands, CA
David Madrazo, Owner, Ocean’s Tropical Fish, Mission Viejo, CA
Stephen Paccione, Owner, Strictly Fish, Lakewood, CA
Tim Walsh, Owner, Lighthouse Aquatics Pet Shop, Indio, CA
Shaun Riggle, Aquarium City, Canoga Park, CA
Steve Birch, Aquarium Designer, Living Art Aquatic Design, Los Angeles, CA
Jordan Yallen, President, Among The Reef LLC, Woodland Hills, CA
Andreas Hajek, Cortez Tropical Marine, Long Beach, CA
Austin Lefevre, Director of Residential and Commercial Accounts, Tenji, Inc., Carmel, CA
Douglas Clark, Owner, The Love Aquarium, Escondido, CA
Joseph DiGrande, Secretary, The Ultimate Aquarium Inc., San Mateo, CA
Torrance Chumbley, President, Neptune Aquarium Design, Rancho Cordova, CA
Mike Lascurain, Owner, Aquarium City, Canoga Park, CA
Mike Scott, Owner, Coast Tropicals, Gardena, CA
Dean Inmon, Owner, Tropical Imports, Glendale, CA
Jeff Holgren, Production Manager, In Mold Design Co., WINCHESTER, CA
James Little, Director, Nickelodeon, Los Angeles, CA
Randy Ma, Hobbyist, Burbank, CA
Holly Cepeda, Owner, Paramount Pet Entertainment, Paramount, CA
Raymond Barron, National Sales Assistant, Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc., Nipomo, CA
Paul J. Schuldt, Owner, Tropics Aquarium Professionals, San Luis Obispo, CA
Joseph Kaplan, Owner, Oceanana, Jurupa Valley, CA
Rion Gonzalez, Owner, Phish it, West Hollywood, CA
Tiffany Pabes-Garcia, IP Paralegal, LBBS LLC, Glendale, CA
Matthew Catano, Concerned Hobbyist, Concerned Hobbyist, Huntington Beach, CA
Bethany Yates, Scientific Aid, CDFW, Trabuco Canyon, CA
Tiffany Pabes-Garcia, IP Paralegal, LBBS LLC, Glendale, CA
Matthew Catano, Concerned Hobbyist, Concerned Hobbyist, Huntington Beach, CA
Bethany Yates, Scientific Aid, CDFW, Trabuco Canyon, CA
David Rendino, Aquarium hobbyist, Remax Marketplace, Cotati, CA
Mike Heins, Owner, The Deep, Redding CA
Justin Hardin, Member, reef2reef, San Diego, CA
Randall Buck, VPO, BPD INC, Chino, CA
David Dieter, Director of Sales, Zoo Med Labs, Inc., San Luis Obisp, CA
Amy Kern, Constituent, Self, Altadena, CA
Kamuran Tepedelen, Owner, Bushmaster Reptiles Inc., Boulder, CO
Richard Sanford, SpaceGroundAmalgam, LLC, Woodland Park, CO
Sheila Vander Veer, Sec. Treas., Central Park Pets, Inc., Denver, CO
Dale Clark, Territory Manager, Central Garden and Pet, Denver, CO
Aaron Blake, Owner Manager, Animal Attraction L.L.C., Greeley, CO
Matthew Kurtz, Store Manager, The Fish Crew, Fort Collins, CO
Sean Tadjeran, CEO/Owner, AlgaeBarn, LLC, Commerce City, CO
Kiri Hill, Business owner, Reptile Room, Northglenn, CO
Lincoln Rychecky, Aquarium Hobbyist and engineering student, CU Boulder, Littleton, CO
Jordan Bernstein, Aquarium Installer, Builder, Coral Farmer, Self-Employed, Erie, CO
Pierson Connors, Manager, Fragtronics, Boulder, CO
Peter Sorensen, Central Pet, Strasburg, CO
Chad New, CEO, Nature Box Pet Emporium, Aurora, CO
Gary Roberts, Owner, Pet World, Lakewood, CO
Jordan Roberts, Employee, Pet World, Lakewood, CO
Alan Powell, Sales, Rolf C. Hagen USA Corp., Brighton, CO
David Hatch, Owner, Western Slope Aquatics & Pets, Inc., Grand Junction, CO
Ami Martin, Saltwater Manager, Western Slope Aquatics & Pets, Inc., Grand Junction, CO
Opal Hatch, Owner, Western Slope Aquatics & Pets, Inc. Grand Junction, CO
Marvin Schaffer, Owner, J & M Aquatics & Pet Center, Grand Junction, CO
Jeff Harris, Owner, Aquamart, Lakewood, CO
Eric Berry, President, Quantum Pet Supply, Inc, dba R.J. Paddywacks Pet Outfitter, Carbondale, CO
Mark G. Johnson, Territory Representative, Central Pet, Peyton, CO
Sarah Terrill, Manager, A & A PET SUPPLY AND FEED, Frisco, CO
Bree Maestas, Owner, Pet City Baja Inc., Colorado Springs, CO
Eliza Hoffman, Store Manager, Mountain Mutts and More, Gunnison, CO
Shana Jackson, Owner, Allstarpets, Canon City, CO
Heather Thoutt, Managing Member, Elite Reef, LLC, Denver, CO
Brien Cabri, Sales, Elite Reef LLC, Denver, CO
Doug Taylor, Sales, Elite Reef LLC, Denver, CO
Joshua Pierce, Elite Reef LLC, Denver, CO
Dan Thornton, President, Reef Encounters, Thornton, CO
Archit Agarwal, Owner, Reef Bazaar, Aurora, CO
Benjamin Laird, Colorado Reef Keepers, Aurora, CO
Reilly Kelsen, Owner, Mile High Tides, LLC, Denver, CO
David Neverette, Owner, Valley pets, Colorado Springs, CO
Andrew Gibbs, Frontier, Commerce City, CO
Cameron Cusack, Owner, Underwater Pastures, Glendale, CO
Michael Chen, Far East Corals Ltd., Centennial, CO
Garrett Grossmann, Owner, Underwater Wonders, LLC, Fort Collins, CO
John Murray, Murrman’s Reef, Sheridan, CO
James Wagner, Steel Rain Aquatics, Colorado Springs, CO
Jzareau, Proctor, Owner, JZ’s Reptiles, Thornton, CO
Jacob Lofgren, Pet owner and saltwater aquarium hobbyist, Self, Littleton, CO
Larry Leszczynski, Mr., Concerned Hobbyist, Denver, CO
Simon Ellis, VP Supply Chain, IBC, Stamford, CT
Gilbert Martinez, Software Engineer, Middletown, CT
Tony Aversano, Owner, Fishbowl Pets, Stamford, CT
Scott Beyer, Marine Aquarium Store, Employee & Concerned Hobbyist, Life Aquatic, New Canaan, CT
Everett Collier, General Manager, All Pets Club, Southington, CT
Lester Boisvert, President, Animal City Inc, Vernon, CT
Peach Reid, President and CEO, Fish Mart, West Haven, CT
Thomas Allison, Northeast Sales Director, Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc., Windsor, CT
Randy Jahier, Owner, Life Aquatic, New Canaan, CT
Laura Reid, President, Fish Mart, West Haven, CT
Norman Barreira, Owner, Normal Aquatics, Bridgeport, CT
Robert Bray, Owner, House of Fins, Greenwich, CT
Norman Barreira, owner, Normal Aquatics, Bridgeport, CT
Michael G, Moye, None, None, Greenwich, CT
Marshall Meyers, Chair, Aquatics Stewardship Council, Washington, DC
Michael Dilorenzo, Owner, The Fish Bowl, Dover, DE
Douglas Hall, Owner, Kritter Kove, Dover, DE
Martin Hoeber, Owner, Super Cichlids Inc., Dover, DE
Douglas Hall, KRITTER KOVE, Camden, DE
Carleen Webb, Owner, Just Fish, Bear, DE
Jason Diaz, President, 5-D Tropical Inc., Plant City, FL
Scott Hughes, Owner, Deep Blue Seas, LLC, Vero Beach, FL
Blake Brantley, Pet Owner, Responsible, Leesburg, FL
Stephen Chin-Sang, Reef, Pembroke Pines, FL
Matt McReynolds, Reef2Reef, Gulf Breeze, FL
Lynn Storc, Person, Cocoa, FL
Efrain,Cruz, Hobby, Fort Myers,FL
Jeremy Shepard, Teacher, West Port High School, Ocala, FL
Roy Herndon, Owner, Sea Critters of the Florida Keys, Marathon, FL
Daniel Bzdyl, Regional Sales Manager, Hikari, Ocala, FL
Deborah Richardson, Territory Manager, Central Pet, Melbourne, FL
Brittany Hollon, Chief Operations Officer, Urban Tropical, Inc., LAKELAND, FL
James Lawrence, Concerned hobbyist, Hometown Enthusiasts, Longwood, FL
Kelly Elannan, Lily Pad Pets, Melbourne, FL
Alexander Dillard, President, Top Shelf Aquatics, Orlando, FL
Steven Bayes, President, Top Shelf Aquatics, Saint Cloud, FL
Kevin Burda, President, Top Shelf Aquatics, Winter Park, FL
Katie Velie, Manager, Nahacky's Aquarium, Melbourne, FL
Sandy Moore, President, Segrest Farms Inc., Gibsonton, FL
Crystal Cole, General Manager, Cindi's Pet and Aquarium Center, Vero Beach, FL
Joe Guenther, Owner, Sanctuary Aquarium, Inc., Key Largo, FL
James Wood, Owner, Coral Sea Aquarium, West Palm Beach, FL
Fred Jeffery, Owner, 1960, Oldsmar, FL
Pete Bandre, President, Incredible Pets Inc., Melbourne, FL
Peggy Davis, Owner, Petland Pensacola, Pensacola, FL
Mike & Peggy Davis, Owners, Petland Ft. Walton, Ft. Walton Beach, FL
Michael Hill, Owner, Pet Bazaar, Casselberry, FL
Rian Gittman, Pres., Underground Reptiles, Parkland, FL
Tien Le, Student, University of South Florida, Naples, FL
Sandra Goldblum, Owner, Exotic Freshwater Tropicals, Stuart, FL
David Boozer, Executive Director, Florida Tropical Fish Farm Association, Winter Haven, FL
Nick Lari, President, Pro Clear Aquatic Systems, Jacksonville, FL
Lance Ichinotsubo, President, Captive Seas Aquariums, Pompano Beach, FL
Richard Gilliland, President, Waterbox Aquariums, Longwood, FL
Thomas Townsend, President, Valley Fisheries Inc., Balm, FL
William Sonnenberg, CPA, William Sonnenberg, PA, Murphy, FL
Chris Meckley, Owner, ACI Aquaculture, Plant City, FL
Jerrold Tieder, Owner, Tropical Fish Transhippers, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Joe Switalski, Owner, JS Reptiles, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Michael Pata, President, Reptile Paradise, Eustis, FL
Debbie, Bybee, Reefer Girls, Wellington, FL
Robert, Schneider, Aquarist Concerned Hobbyist, Gainesville, FL
Benjamin Cole, Owner, Ben Cole Reptiles, Archer, FL
Jose Salmeron, President, Two Amigos Imports And Exports, Inc., Miami, FL
Samuel Cossman, Private Keeper, Wellington, FL
Alejandro, Estrada, Owner, Imperial, Miami, FL
Gabriel Montero, Pet Concerned Hobbyist, Tampa, FL
Shaun Flanigan, Registered Voter, PALM COAST, FL
Flavio Araujo, Aquariumshow, Sunrise, FL
Raymond Van Nostrand, Owner, Strictly Reptiles, Hollywood, FL
Keven Vogenberger, Owner, Reptile Mart, North Ft Myers, FL
Donald Chilton, Owner, Reptile Express, Lehigh Acres, FL
Joshua Barger, President, Aquatic N Exotic Inc., Stuart, FL
Rose Campellone, President, Exotic Pets & More, Okeechobee, FL
Laura Herron, Omni, Lehigh Acres, FL
Frank Aguilar, President, VIP Reef Corp, Miami, FL
Sergio Chang, Professional Fish Keepers, Coral Springs, FL
Bruce Lilyea, Industrial Engineer, Fortune 100 company, Lakeland, FL
Carol Hoover, Officer, Carol's Criters, Tallahassee, FL
Chris Cox, Manager, Pet World, Auburndale, FL
Darlene Brooks, Owner, Pet World, Auburndale, FL
Jim Phillips, Hobbyist, Deltona, FL
Scott Cardall, Concerned Hobbyist, Cocoa, FL
Steven Garland, Jr, Citizen, Apopka, FL
Daniel Nadal, Clinsearch , Miami, FL
Paul Mcintyre, Owner, Predator Park Reptiles, Palm Coast, FL
Chris Cannata, MR, Exotic Botanicals, Miami, FL
Jared Colvin, Enlisted, Department of Defense , Panama City, FL
Luis Sepulveda, Hobbyist, Aquarist, Boynton Beach , FL
Justin Crowe, Hobbyist, Reef2reef, Pensacola, FL
Stephanie Richard, Ms., None, Ocala, FL
Louie Polsinelli, Mr., NA, MELBOURNE, FL
Rudy Feagley, Hobbist, Responsible Reefing, St Petersburg, FL
Do Molinari, Hobbyist, Private Citizen, Boca Raton, FL
Karen Elder, President, Exotic Aquariums, Miami, FL
William Ludwig, R2R, Carrollton, GA
Shawn Blevins, Owner, Bannister Electrical Solutions, Canton, GA
David Hammontree, Reef2Reef.com, Rock Spring, GA
Michelle Ferrell, Ferrell Farms, Thomson, GA
Marty Kirby, MK2 exotics, Covington, GA
Leon Butler, Atlanta rev club, Conyers, GA
Rick Buchner, Founder, Lion Tamers, Savannah, GA
John Howe, Owner, Reef Design Solutions/Preservation Reef, Atlanta, GA
Ryan Helbig, Aquarium Hobbyist, R2R, Jeffersonville, GA
Karl Halmstad, Hobbyist, Evans, GA
Merrick Clay, Reef Aquarist, Direct Cherry Fish & Corals, HONOLULU, HI
Steven Fouts, Chef/CoOwner, Aloha Catering Ventures L.L.C, Honolulu, HI
Ryan Rothwell, Owner, Tropical Fish Emporium, Kaneohe, HI
Robert Lawrence, President, Koolau Pets Inc., Kaneohe, HI
Ron Tubbs, Marine Fish Wholesaler, RT Distributors Inc., Waimanalo, HI
Wayne Sugiyama, President, Wayne's Ocean World, Inc., Aiea, HI
Scott Folsom, Folsom Enterprises, Honolulu, HI
Wayne Shigematsu, Sales Rep, Central Pet, Santa Fe Springs, HI
Randy Ogata, President, Kalihi Pet Center, Honolulu, HI
Cristina Rothwell, Owner/Manager, The Pet Depot, EWA BEACH, HI
John Fernley, Owner, Coral Fish Hawaii, Aiea, HI
Alexander Garcia, Fishing business Owner, Hawaiian Reefer LLC, Waipahu, HI
Joshua Haynes, Tribal Geckoz, Kalona, IA
Chris Hoagland, Owner, Finned Fanatics LLC, Newton, IA
Tom Bowman, Owner/ CEO, Fire House Aquatics & Exotics, Gilman, IA
Taylor Moffitt of Halydean, President, Kelso Office Services, LLC, Eagle Grove, IA
Ty Jackson, Owner/Educator, Norseman Dragons & Serpents, Boone, IA
Douglas Beauchamp, DP exotics, Charles City, IA
Patrick Packer, Home aquarist, Boise, ID
Jason Haun, Territory Sales Manager ID/MT, Central Pet, Boise, ID
Christopher Nicholas, Concerned Hobbyist, Meridian, ID
Nolan Ford, Concerned hobbyist, REEF2REEF member, Mokena, IL
Warren Hubert, Owner Operator, HubertTotzke Boxer Kennels, Chicago, IL
Rachel Stevens, Pet Owner & registered voter, Wheaton, IL
Carrie Johnson, Owner, Toadally Frogs LLC, Antioch, IL
Jim Sparks, Manager, Park Pet Shop Incorporated, Chicago, IL
Stephen Walling, Senior Sales Manager, General Pet Supply / Central Pet, New Lenox, IL
Chad Flynn, General Manager, The Fish Man Pet Center, Springfield, IL
Myron Beaver, Division Executive, Reliance Tool, Elgin, IL
Carl Kogut, President, Animal Krackers Pet Center, Merrionette Park, IL
Julio Medrano, Who's Frogs, West Chicago, IL
Mathew Goertel, Citizen Chicago, IL
Emily Grzeda, Eckleburg Exotics, Urbana, IL
Paul, Garza, Pet Concerned Hobbyist, Chicago, IL
Joseph Baginski, Reptile Concerned Hobbyist, Wheaton, IL
Stephanie Brider, Saltwater Aquarium owner, Coral Reef Conservation, Saint Jacob, IL
Christopher Jenkins, Pet Concerned Hobbyist, St. Elmo, IL
Nicholas D'Andrea, Member, Chicago Herpetological Society, Winfield, IL
Robert Taylor, Owner, RT Exotics, McHenry, IL
Clint Johnson, Breeder, Red's Bugs, Crystal Lake, IL
William Bradley, Educator, Coal Black Exotics, Dwight, IL
Jason Jamieson, Concerned hobbyist, Chicago, IL
Charles Templeton, Territory Manager, Animal Supply Company, Palatine, IL
Brian Potter, President, Chicago Reptile House, Orland Park, IL
Robert Taylor, Owner, RT EXOTICS, McHenry, IL
Phillip J. and Carrie Roe, President / Vice President, Roe Aquarium & Pet, Rock Island, IL
Carrie Roe, co-owner, Roe Aquarium & Pet Co., Rock Island, IL
Kevin Moody, Fireside Geckos, Streamwood, IL
Christopher Neckopulos, Concerned Citizen, Cary, IL
Casandra Hite, Pet Concerned Hobbyist, Decatur, IL
Ross Bradley, Trustee, Village of Coal City, Coal City, IL
Katie McClimon, Pet Concerned Hobbyist, Champaign, IL
Alex Gawura, Concerned Hobbyist, North Aurora, IL
Jacob Weber, Concerned Hobbyist, St. Charles, IL
Michael Olds Jr., Responsible Pet Owner, Rockford, IL
Frank Dohs, Concerned Hobbyist, Flora, IL
Joe Shilkus, Purchasing Director, Apet Incorporated, East Dundee, IL
John Cwaygel, President, Sailfin Pet Shop Inc., Champaign, IL
Carl Swanson, Owner, Petland Rockford, Rockford, IL
Shane Ager, Regional Sales Director, Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc., Dekalb, IL
Richard Larson, Manager, Larson Pet Shack, Batavia, IL
Michael Lee, Hobbyist, Pet Enthusiast, Chicago, IL
Katy Skinner, Hobbyist, Hobbyist, Caseyville, IL
Jason Chambers, MBA, FAR, Carmel, IN
Micah Cox, Animal Enthusiast, MPC Reptiles, WALKERTON, IN
Donna, Chandler, Author, Canine Trainer & Canine Behavior Specialist (work approved by "American Association of Veterinary State Boards"), My K9 Behaves, Whitestown, IN
Julie Saylor, Owner, Jaydens Jungle Exotic Pets Inc, Aurora, IN
Timothy DeCook, Truck driver, Mishawaka, IN
Adeline Robinson, Wildlife Specialist and Illustrator, Adeline Robinson Art & Illustration, Crawfordsville, IN
Thomas Helmkamp, Concerned hobbyist, Fort Wayne, IN
Thaddaeus Sauls, Owner, TLS Reptiles LLC, Whiteland, IN
Brent Grandidier, Concerned Hobbyist, Fishers, IN
Steven Kush, Reptek/Cold Blooded Cafe, Indianapolis, IN
Gene Pitrowski, Owner, Gti Home Services, Michigan City, IN
Joe Norman, Concerned Hobbyist/ Owner, Lucky 7 Gecko, Richmond, IN
John Rollins, Owner, Constellation Exotics, LLC, Wadesville, IN
vin Hoover President Reef Management Services Inc./The Reef Aquarium Shop, Indianapolis, IN
Rebecca Hertel, Owner, Petland West Wichita, Andover, KS
Sherry Emerson, Owner, Pet World Experience Rehoming Center, Lawrence, KS
William Brown, Owner, Safari Pets, Topeka, KS
John Stolz, Tails & Scales, Inc., Derby, KS
Taron Langhover, owner, Dartfrogconnection, Valley Center, KS
Randall Turner, Concerned Hobbyist, El Dorado, KS
Garret Bowman, Manager, Mission Pet Mart, Mission, KS
Bryson Banks, Store Manager, Mission Pet Mart, Mission, KS
James Wente, Owner, Bert's Pet Center, Ashland, KY
Melissa Whitton, President, Most Valuable Pets, Inc, Lexington, KY
Christina McClanahan, Manager, Animal House Pets, LLC, Lexington, KY
Marsha Carr, Manager, All Paws Boutique, Morehead, KY
Allen Gibson, CHASING CRESTIES, Louisville, KY
Samuel Vaughn, DVM, President, Veterinary Associates Stonefield, Louisville, KY
Roger Davis, Citizen, Louisburg, KS
Greg Smith, Owner, Pet Stop Inc., Shawnee, KS
Arthur, Parola, Consultant, Art Parola Consulting, Louisville, KY
Jeff King, President, Pets Plus, Edgewood, KY
Ferrell Andrews, Concerned Hobbyist, Keeper of Marine Life, Cynthiana, KY
Richard Gent, President Southside Pet Shop Inc Louisville, KY
Becky Gent, owner Southside Pet Shop Louisville, KY
Richard Gent, Owner Southside Pet Shop Inc. Louisville, KY
Bruce Davidson, Owner, Sandy's Pet Shop, Louisville, KY
Joey Bennett, Owner, Aquarium Central LLC, Lafayette, LA
Crystal Caro, Co-owner, Aqua Hut, LLC, Geismar, LA
Rachael Creech, Vice President, ADVENTURE PETS, INC., Mandeville, LA
Brian Long, Owner, Bayou Pets, Destrehan, LA
Devin Cicero, Hobbyist, Reef2reef.com, Kenner, LA
Melissa Coston, Pet owner and hobbyist, Houma, LA
Chad Gray, Owner, Reef Consortium, Harahan, LA
Cynthia Keneker, Owner, Delta Pet Center LLC, Slidell, LA
Joe Naquin, Hobbyist, Reef2reef.com, Mandeville, LA
Cole Chapman, Owner, C^3 Exotics, Marrero, LA
James Gentile, Manager, The pet shop, Allston, MA
Joshua Warne, HookedReefer, Hemet, MA
Cindy Simas, Concerned Hobbyist, MEDFORD, MA
Kimberly Alpert, Concerned Hobbyist, Taunton, MA
Crystal Soares, Animal Instincts, Fall River, MA
Hannah Arber, Owner, Isopod Source, Needham, MA
Edward Pecord, Owner, Fish Frenzy, South Hadley, MA
Yelitza Vannostrand, Yelitza Salazar Photography, Pembroke Pines, MA
David Ratner, Owner, Dave's Soda & Pet City, Agawam, MA
Mark Hagen, Director, Rolf C. Hagen Inc, Mansifield, MA
Jeffrey San Souci, Director of Marketing, Hagen Group, Mansfield, MA
Steve Sotelo, Exo Terra Division Manager, Hagen Group, Mansfield, MA
Mellisa Raposo, Owner, Mellisa's Pet Depot, North Dartmouth, MA
Kyle Waldron, Manager, It's A Pet's World, Weymouth, MA
Shane Carreiro, Animal Instincts, Fall River, MA
Anna Donovan, Animal Instincts, Fall River, MA
Andrew Valk, Head Aquarist, Falcon Fisheries, Reading, MA
Armand Ghioni, Owner, Big Fish Little Fish, Somerville, MA
Robyn Bright, Program & Sales Manager, NexPet, Pepperell, MA
Richard Kappler, Mr., Personal, Fall River, MA
Kris Jolley, Citizen, Piney Point, MD
Joe Cray, Eastern Regional Manager, Rolf C. Hagen Group, Glen Arm, MD
Rick Bell, Rick's Fish and Pet Supply, Frederick, MD
Alyssa Gabriel, Owner, Seahorse Savvy, Hebron, MD
Dale Edwards, Owner, Londontowne Tropicals, Edgewater, MD
William Unger, Owner, Scales-N-Tails, LLC, LaVale, MD
David Riston, DCR Industries, Pomfret, MD
Brian O'Neill, Owner/Operations Manager, Wet Pet & Reptile Center, LLC, Baltimore, MD
Nicolas Grant, Owner Small Business, Classic Jurassic Excotics, Catonsville, MD
Michael Hresko, VP, House of Tropicals Inc., Glen Burnie, MD
Robert Christopher, Conservation enthusiast, Hurlock, MD
Mark Hresko, VP, House of Tropicals Inc, Glen Burnie, MD
Chris McIntosh, Animal Keeper, Enterprise Snakes, Baltimore, MD
Travis Wagner, Responsible Pet Owner, Cambridge, MD
Derek Clay, Crystal blue aquariums, Spring Valley, MD
John Stosick, store owner, Pets Unlimited, Lavale, MD
Todd Haynes, Owner, Puddle Aquatics, Knoxville, MD 
Andy Poland, Hobbyist, Private citizen, Millersville, MD
Taylor Baikie , Sales Manager, Redbarn Pet Products , Aurora , ME
Scott Matteson, Owner/operator, Son & Sand Aquariums, Old Town, ME
Steve Funk, Owner, Funky Fish & Friends, Gaylord, MI
Seth Rock, Owner, Tropiccove Pet Store, Petoskey, MI
Donnie Cook, Owner, Lou’s Pet Shop, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
Mike Huisingh, Owner, Dutch Family Reef, Grandville, MI
Crystal Poyfair, Professional Wildlife Educator, REPCO Wildlife, Warren, MI
James Green, Hobbyist, Sterling Heights, MI
Jamie Gibson, Hobbyist, Clarkston, MI
Richard Preuss, President, Preuss Pets, Lansing, MI
Anthony Brown, Responsible pet owner & hobbyist, Montrose, MI
Amber Loyselle, Student, Petoskey, MI
John, Cordone, Owner, Blue Water Reptiles, Casco, MI
Kyle Baker, Manager, Great Lakes Herpetoculture, Milan, MI
Spencer Pyszczynski, Realtor, Keller Williams, Oakland, MI
David Nowakowski, Concerned Aquarium Hobbyist, Wyoming, MI
Laura Madison, Concerned Hobbyist, Grand Rapids, MI
William Ostlund, C.E.O., House of Pets Inc., Garden City, MI
Amanda Fredal, Differentiated Experience Lead, Pet Supplies Plus, Livonia, MI
Thomas Campbell, President, The Fish Doctors, Ypsilanti, MI
Reuben Kinder, Citizen, Voter, Lansing, MI
Victoria Brewer, Mrs., n/a, Caledonia, MI
Carrie Owens, Manager, Mighty Pet Menominee, MI
Jonah Zuehls, Store Associate, Mighty Pet, Menominee, MI
Madison Dubord, Pet Owner and Employee, Mighty Pet, Menominee, MI
Bailey Baxter, Manager, Mighty Pet, Menominee, MI
Rochelle Anderson, Director of Operations Mighty Pet, Menominee, MI
Lani Holmes associate, Mighty Pet, Menominee, MI
KeTim Jernberg, Doctor, Saint Paul, MN
Rick Berndt, Owner, Pet Zone, Bemidji, MN
Barry Benjamin, Owner, Happy Tails Pet Store llc, Medford, MN
Brandon Clow, Responsible Concerned Hobbyist, Twin Cities Marine Aquarium Society, Fairmont, MN
Dav Kaufman, Film Producer, Rattle On Media, Long Lake, MN
Patrick Michaels, Concerned Hobbyist, Minneapolis, MN
Jodi Theis, Owner, Paws Inn Pet Essentials, New Germany, MN
Joseph Ferriero, Owner, You Pet'Cha, Morris, MN
Benjamin Legeros, Hobbyist, BMS, Saint Cloud, MN
Damon Andersson, Owner, Reef Keepers LLC dba Marine Solutions, St. Charles, MO
Kenneth Coughlin, Owner, Fishland, West Plains, MO
Carlos Rodriguez, Pirate Monkey Painting, Republic, MO
Trucker Maney, Concerned Hobbyist, Springfield, MO
Steven Donnelly, Owner, Max’s Eco System, St. Louis, MO
Chad Corpuz, Owner, Divmond Geckos, Branson, MO
Don Henderson, Staff member, Reef2reef, Wentzville, MO
Donald Tollett, Concerned Aquarist, R2R, Mexico, MO
Odile Vollmar, mrs.NA, DeSoto, MO
Ike Lightner, Esquire, Ike’s Exotics & Aquatics, Springfield, MO
Kathy Lightner, Mrs., Na, Springfield MO
Joseph Borgstede, Territory Manager, Rolf C. Hagen Group, Biloxi, MS
Jack Roger, Coral reef aquarium hobbyist, HERNANDO, MS
Wiley Pinkerton, Mr, Hobbyist, Quitman, MS
Abigail Jones, Hobbyist and Social Media Influencer, Reef Grrrl, Pittsboro, NC
Gianluca Bini, DVM, Concerned hobbyist, Raleigh, NC
Adam Mahne, Hobbyist, Winston Salem, NC
Eric Edwards, Owner, Fins & Critters Inc. Shelby, NC
William Gent, Bills Pet Shop, New Bern, NC
Derek Skipper, Regional Sales Director, Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc., Forest City, NC
Josh Cole, Hobbyist, Aquatic Life, Concord, NC
Thomas Barnes, CFO, Carolina Designer Dragons, Inc., Charlotte, NC
Matt Messer, Owner, Upscale Aquatics, Huntersville, NC
Sara Edwards, Owner, Last Place on Earth, Charlotte, NC
David Jones, Owner, Wetpets, Gastonia, NC
Heide Milbauer, RN, Stoney Ridge Aviary, Fuquay Varina, NC
Melissa Wiley, MD Reptiles, Ellenboro, NC
David Rivers, Owner, D & E Pets, Indian Trail, NC
Courtney Robinette, Customer Service, Ruger, Eden, NC
Billy Strickland, B&E Reptiles, Lenoir, NC
Elle Rackoff, Concerned Hobbyist, Arden, NC
Wes White, Reef Aquarium Owner, Private Citizen, Knightdale, NC
Ma Li Burnett, Ms., Self, Cary, NC
Adam Langley, Reefer, Private Owner, Rocky Mount, NC
Drew Vliet, Hobbyist, Wilmington, NC
Crystal Wing, Manager, The Pet Parade, Minot, ND
Shane Farris, Owner, Nebraska Aqautic Supply, Omaha, NE
Chad Miller, Pet Owner, CNS Rehab, LINCOLN, NE
Scott Larson, Advanced Aquatic Ecosystems, LLC, Omaha, NE
Brandi Gillett, Employee, Nebraska Aquatic Supply, Omaha, NE
Jeff Kuhl, Owner, Kuhl Exotics, Omaha, NE
Carrie Kreatsoulas, Omni Reptiles, Alva, NE
Caitlin Byram, Concerned Hobbyist, Franklin, NH
Matthew Connors, President, Pets Plus, Londonderry, NH
Nathaniel Brown, Owner, Groveland Gecko, Danville, NH
Bethany Stockman, Owner, Laconia Pet Center, Laconia, NH
Keith Belcher, citizen, NHFragSwap, Raymond, NH
Logan Smith, Hobbyist, Cisco, Raleigh, NC
Kayleigh Smith, Mrs., None, Raleigh, NC
D. Patrick Donston, President, Absolutely Fish Inc., Clifton, NJ
Robert Frei, Co-owner, Aquatics & More, Dumont, NJ
Brian Dunleavy, Owner, Reefco Aquariums, Green Brook, NJ
Audrey Dunleavy, Employee, Reefco Aquariums, Bound Brook, NJ
Steve Vigorito, Territory Manager, Central Garden & Pet, Newton, NJ
Larry Bowens, Reefco Aquariums, Morris Plains, NJ
Andy Saciolo, President, Fish Fish Fish, Palisades Park, NJ
Warren Van Varick, Owner, SealevelAquarium, Pinebrook, NJ
Jude Frazier, Owner, Not Just Fish, BAYONNE, NJ
Adam Zweig, Owner, Adam's Pet Safari, Chester, NJ
Betty Saciolo, Secretary, Fish Fish Fish, Palisades Park, NJ
Matthew Hascsak, West Orange, NJ
Marie Saciolo, HR, Fish Fish Fish, Palisades Park, NJ
John Saciolo, Manager, Fish Fish Fish, Palisades Park, NJ
Nicolai Matos, Owner/Operator, A Land of Fishes II LLC, Union City, NJ
Michael Maresca, Owner, Wet Works, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ
Albert Migliori, Owner, Animal Kingdom, East Orange, NJ
Jeffrey Wedderman, Buyer, Three Brothers Nursery, Port Murray, NJ
Chris Kappock, Transportation Operations Manager, Nfi, Rockaway, NJ
Tuan Nguyen, Owner, Jersey Flowerhorn, Edison, NJ
Solomon Bick, Owner, Aqua Custom Creations, Lakewood, NJ
Doug Wald, Reefco, Bridgewater, NJ
Jonathan Sacks, Pet Owner, Aquarium, Franklin Lakes, NJ
Mathias Scaglia, Owner, Discus Madness Inc., Union, NJ
JoAnn Kearns, Owner, Reptile Roadhouse, Bloomingdale, NJ
JJ Perez, Owner, Aquariums by JJ, Bloomingdale, NJ
Howard Berkowitz, President, Aquaridise, East Brunswick, NJ
Robert Wedderman, Owner, Three Brothers Nursery, Port Murray, NJ
Domenick Denora, Service Technician, Reefco, Bound Brook, NJ
Stephen Elias, Owner, Ely's Aquatic Farm Inc., Florham Park, NJ
Brandon Robinson, Owner, My Reef, Somerdale, NJ
Paul Haney, Saltwater Aquarist/Hobbyist, Sayreville, NJ
Michael Shepard, President, Merit Imports Inc., Glen Rock, NJ
Marcus Gotay, Vice President, The New Jersey Reef Club, Newark, NJ
Thomas Maguire, Aquarium Logistics, Hackettstown Pet Supply, USA Stingrays, Hackettstown, NJ
Lou Ferri, President, Creation of the Sea, LLC, Hackettstown, NJ
Jo Ann Bieksha, President, Artistic Aquaria Inc, Rockaway, NJ
James Anderson, Aqyariums, Hillside, NJ
Michael DeOliveira, Manager, Absolutely Fish Inc, Hazlet, NJ
Miguel Perez, Owner, Exotic Aquatics LLC, Washington, NJ
Ryan Tierney, Owner, Global Fish CO., Elmwood Park, NJ
Susan Perez, Owner, Exotic Aquatics LLC, Washington, NJ
Pedro Viegas, Owner, Aqua Scape Pet Supplies, Belleville, NJ
Zoila Viegas, Manager, AquaScapeOnline, Parsippany, NJ
Pedro Viegas, Owner, Aquarium Paradise, Belleville, NJ
Raymond Casper, CEO, TSM Aquatics, Sewell, NJ
Hope Valenti, Owner, Amwell Pet Supply, Hillsborough, NJ
Benjamin Levin, Owner, R&B Reptiles, Vineland, NJ
Thomas Maguire, Aquarium Logistics, Hackettstown Pet Supply, Hackettstown, NJ
Christopher, Rusch, Concerned Hobbyist, Moorestown, NJ
Jason Yahr, Concerned hobbyist, Pet owner to many, Beachwood, NJ
Dan Steinhauser, Hobbyist, Freehold, NJ
Bob Ashley, Director, Chiricahua Desert Museum, Rodeo, NM
Terri Hallberg, Owner, Petland, Albuquerque, NM
Eric Pristera-Polniaszek, Self, Usaf, Clovis, NM
Joseph DeRenzis, Mr., self, Los Alamos, NM
David Sexton, President Wildlife Safari Animal Emporium, Inc. Roswell NM
Justin Culver, Electrical Engineer, Mojave Electric, Henderson, NV
Richard Nichols, Owner, Las Vegas Fish and Reptiles, Las Vegas, NV
Robert Ciminski, Reef Hobbyist, Carson City, NV
James Tracy, Owner, Wild Things, LAS VEGAS, NV
Donna Harris, Owner, Blue Reef Aquatics, North Las Vegas, NV
Greg Harris, Owner, Blue Reef Aquatics, North Las Vegas, NV
Christine Esprecion, Sales Manager, Midwestern Pet Foods, Las Vegas, NV
Belinda Lavezzi, General Manager/Owner, Pisces Reed Fish Emporium LLC, Las Vegas, NV
Michele Handler, Manager, ACME General Store, Pahrump, NV
Alex Fraser, Aquarium owner, Scotia, NY
Albert, Ruggiere, Ruggiere Pizza Inc, Yonkers, NY
Robert Connolly, Educator/Pet Owner/Tropical Fish Hobbyist, 3 Village Central School District, Setauket, NY
Alex Betancur, Responsible pet owner, Astoria, NY
Raquel Betancur, Responsible pet owner, East Elmhurst, NY
Winston DeMarrini, Concerned hobbyist, Greenvale, NY
Michael Packard, Concerned Hobbyist, Staten Island, NY
Drew Sokol, Concerned Citizen, New York, NY
Anthony Logrippo, President, The Reef Shoppe, Bronx, NY
Cynthia Salgado, Managing Owner, SALGADO AQUATICS, Bronx, NY
Juan Salgado, Aquarium Curator & Owner, SALGADO AQUATICS, Bronx, NY
Thomas Daluise, President, Arcadia Pets, Staten Island, NY
Steve Emmet, Emmet Enterprises LLC, Garden City, NY
Darlene Senick, Pet owner, Kenmore, NY
Darlene Burroughs, REPCO Wildlife Encounters, Alexander, NY
Andrew Middleton, Business Owner, AM Arboreals, Bridgeport, NY
John Wai Leung, ip, President, Monster Aquarium, Flushing, NY
Remy Medranda, CEO, RNR Digital Media Group, LLC, Thornwood, NY
Ira Hertz President, Bird Jungle, Scarsdale, NY
Steve Lewis, Responsible pet owner, Ontario, NY
Edwin Jaramillo, Hobbyist and Responsible pet owner, Richmond Hill, NY
Diane Fishman, President, Brooklyn Pet Supply, Brooklyn, NY
Jungle Bob Smith, President, Jungle Bob Enterprises Inc., Oakdale, NY
Barnett Shutman, President, Indo Pacific Direct Inc., Moroe, NY
Gerard Morvillo, Owner, Luminous Corals, Staten Island, NY
Sondra Whalen, Pet Store Owner, Sondra's City Zoo, Elmira, NY
Chris Schoenknecht, Reef2Reef, Corinth, NY
Timothy Pauley, Owner, ABC Reefs, Solvay, NY
Karl Tormey, Hobbyist, Old Forge, NY
Mason Rice, Manager, Sondra's City Zoo, Elmira, NY
Ryan Boxberger, Operating Manager, Liberty Pet & Supply, Liberty, NY
Mark Czyszczon, Owner, Fish Tales & Fur LLC, Middleburgh, NY
Anthony Lucchini, President, Caribbean Blue Aquatics, Bay Shore, NY
Maurice Williams, Owner, Jawz Aquarium, ELMSFORD, NY
Kyle Putney, Store Owner, Aquatics and Exotics Pet Shop llc, Ilion, NY
Michael Stern, Owner, Michael's NYAquatic, LLC, Yonkers, NY
Michael Ammirati, Owner, Aquarium Network, N. Bellmore, NY
Tanya Towne, Owner, D&D's Pet Supplies, Fort Plain, NY
Stephen Lapp, Owner, AquaVarium Pets and Supplies, Leeds, NY
Craig Beital, Owner, Beital's Aquariums, Pearl River, NY
Ximin Huang, Store President, Bayparkway Aquarium, Brooklyn, NY
Steven Hoen, Citizen, Old Forge, NY
William Branch, My Aquatic, Yonkers, NY
Nicholas Impellizzeri, NYC fish n corals, Staten Island, NY
Martin Caceres, President, Total Aquariums, Inc., Lynbrook, NY
Jim Seidewand, President, Pet World, Inc., Rochester, NY
Paul Juszczak, Director of Sales and Marketing, Marshall Pet Products, Wolcott, NY
Barry Berman, President, Grandma Maes Country Naturals, LLC, New York, NY
Alan Cohen, President, Blue Ribbon Pet Products, Inc. Bohemia, NY
Vincent Russo, President, Cutting Edge Herpetological Inc., Kings Park, NY
Philip D'Agostino, Dr., WRO, Broad Channel, NY
Richard Conolly, hobbiest/owner, Conolly's Reef, Seaford, NY
Todd Heywood, Pet owner, N/A, West Seneca, NY
William Howard, Mr., None, Bowmansville, NY
Paul Baldassano, Hobbiest, US Citizen, Veteran, PS Aquatics, Baiting Hollow, NY
Mark Meyer, owner, Mark's Country Store, Springville, NY
Carla Cartner, Responsible Reef Aquarium, Hobbyist, Reef 2 Reef Member, Aurora, NY
Joshua Mendell, Mr., None, Holmes, NY
John Mack, CEO , Reptiles by Mack, Xenia, OH
Robert Brodbeck, Pet Owner, Aquarium, Findlay, OH
Brian Thompson, Pet Owner, Fostoria, OH
Tim Norsen, Vice President of Sales, Vitakraft Sun Seed Inc., Weston, OH
Elizabeth Kunzelman, Director of Public Affairs, Petland, Chillicothe, OH
James Gintner, CEO & President, Eye Catching Coral, Vienna, OH
Tony Neff, Owner, Petland Hillsboro, Hillsboro, OH
Joe Ross, CEO, Ocean Rift Aquatics, North Canton, OH
Amy Mack, COO, Reptiles by Mack, Xenia, OH
Jon Donaldson, Veiled Chameleon Team Lead, Reptiles by Mack, Dayton, OH
Tosh Dorsey, Animal Care Tech, Reptiles by Mack, Xenia, OH
Cole Brown, Animal Care Technician, Reptiles by Mack, Xenia, OH
Susan Hall, Owner, CornerStone Critters, Bryan, OH
Derrick Burnett, Owner, D & K Reptile Sales, LLC, Cincinnati, OH
Joe, Norris, Concerned Citizen, Medina, OH
Christian Beck, Reptile Pet Shop, True Blood Exotics, Moraine, OH
Sarah Whitehead, Employee, Reptiles by Mack, Xenia, OH
Jim McNamara, Sole Proprieter, McNamaras Taxidermy, Lima, OH
Emily Ellsworth, Owner, Pure Pet LLC, Salem, OH
Shannon Mcpherson, Pet owner and breeder, Lorain, OH
Tony Gillilan, Gillilans Island, Canton, OH
Brett Everhart, Wholesale Manager, Reptiles by Mack, Xenia, OH
Liza Smith, Sales Rep, Omega One Fish Foods, Eastlake, OH
Phillip Thorne, Owner, TNT Reptiles, Parma, OH
Tim Felsburg, Saltwater reef hobbyist, Springboro, OH
Ellen Chausmer, Proctor & Gamble, Williamsburg, OH
Timothy Herman, Indoor Ecosystems LLC, Whitehouse, OH
Thomas Riggans, Concerned Hobbyist, Hilliard, OH
Megan Zupi, Owner, Zupi Reptiles LLC, Columbus, OH
Denise Hore, Vet. Tech, Teacher, Aquarium Enthusiast, Reef Educator, Cincinnati Area Reef Enthusiasts, Milford, OH
Alan Edenfield, Owner, The Reptiles of Eden, Pataskala, OH
Derek Sutton, Casino Worker, Ashville, OH
Daniel Jones, Herpticulturist, DLC reptiles, Grove City, OH
Donald Fitch, Retired, Columbus, OH
Justin Woods, Owner, Legacy Exotics & Aquatics, LLC, Pickerington, OH
Nick Gordon, Lead Reptile Keeper, Toledo Zoo, Toledo, OH
Heather Heredia, Business Development Manager, Central Garden & Pet, Toledo, OH
Chris Krabbe, Krabbe Aquatics & More, Cincinnati, OH
Richard Stevenson, Madhouse Serpents, Fairborn, OH
Grant DeYoung, Eden’s Reptile Ambassadors, West Chester, OH
Angela Higginbotham, Edwardsfamily reps, AKRON, OH
Zack Martin, Owner, Taz Exotics, Sidney, OH
Elizabeth Lawson, Furless fam exotic reptiles and amphibians, Urbana, OH
Caitlin Edenfield, Owner, The Reptiles of Eden, Pataskala, OH
Elizabeth Kunzelman, Director of Public Affairs, Petland, Chillicothe, OH
Betty Sue Brewer, Owner, Classy Clutches, New Richmond, OH
Darryl Knight, Domestic Sales Rep., Omega Sea, Painesville, OH
Stephen Markowiak, Dr., University of Toledo, Toledo, OH
Bryan Kohrn, Saltwater Aquarium Hobbyist, New Albany, OH
Heather Heredia, Business Development Manager, Central Garden & Pet, Toledo, OH
Kate Marino, Owner, Extreme Tropical pets, Youngstown, OH
ER Beery, Owner, Critters Pet Shop, Wooster, OH
Lee Grundmann, Mr., USAF, Beavercreek, OH
Garret Ford, Mr., Self, Amelia, OH
Matthew Partin, Teaching Professor/Marine Director, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH
Todd Simpkins, Creator, Poshia Ark, Marion, OH
Kyle Heffler, Supervisor, COOFA, Newark, OH
Mark Nunisto, Tax Paying Registered Voter, Hobbyist, Kingsville, OH
Rebecca Nealis, Ms., Na, Euclid, OH
Robert Wade, boss, my own, Columbus, OH
Kurt Edwards, Board of Directors, Turtle & Tortoise Preservation Group, Collinsville, OK
Jeffrey Howard, Marine Aquarium Owner, Yukon, OK
Brennan Nowlin, Owner, American Pieds, LLC, Edmond, OK
Nichols Coleman, Citizen, Elgin, OK
Lisa Carroll, Concerned Hobbyist, Guthrie, OK
James Byers, Owner, Nick’s Pets, Fort Pierce, OK
Brandon Bell, Owner, Thunder Aquaculture, Yukon, OK
Jacob Spalding, Self Employed, JS Woodworks, Tulsa, OK
Nathaniel Daugherty, Leasing Agent- Saltwater and freshwater hobbyist, Premium Property Management, Inc., Salem, OR
Marcie Rivera, CEO, The Cichlid Exchange, Portland, OR
Stephen Lundblad, President, The Wet Spot Tropical Fish, Portland, OR
Noah Criswell, NW Sales Director, Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc., Lake Oswego, OR
Andrew Hennie, Concerned hobbyist, Eugene, OR
Kyle Woekel, President, Tampico Coral Farms, Monmouth, OR
Gary Holt, Responsible Pet Owner, Grants Pass, OR
Daniel Cassingham, Owner, HD herp, Portland, OR
Kyle Woekel, President, Tampico Coral Farms, Monmouth, OR
Miguel Villa, Audi Beaverton, Beaverton, OR
Gena Sellers, Volunteer working with Exotic animals and reptiles, PACNWRS and Newport Discovery Zoo, Albany, OR
Julie Bjurling, Concerned Hobbyist, Snakey Mama, Springfield, OR
Deborah Klug, Mrs, Private, Redmond, OR
Del, Weiss, Owner, Special Care Pet Ctr, Carnegie, PA
Laura Moore, Pet Store Manager, Pets in the Park, Butler, PA
James Kratovil, Hobbyist, Stewartstown, PA
Tim Tyger, Owner, Gittlers Aquarium, Johnstown, PA
Ralph Snyder, Zeigler's Distributor Inc, Falls Creek, PA
Brian Batten, President, Fins and Feathers Inc, Honesdale, PA
Scott Daw, Lehigh Valley Aquarium Society/Bucks County Aquarium Society, Allentown, PA
Mark Stametz, Owner, The waters edge aquarium, Saylorsburg, PA
Dan Dise, Owner, Tank Masters, Pennsburg, PA
Gary Darty, Owner, The Reptile Room, Camp Hill, PA
Johnny Thompson, Owner, Petfection Exotic Pet Specialist, East Stroudsburg, PA
Siegfried Gutekunst, President, The Hidden Reef, Inc, Levittown, PA
Thomas Barone, Owner, Azo Reptiles, Saylorsburg, PA
Richard Glitsch, Owner Aquatic Gardens, 1953, Ellwood City, PA
Thomas Herron, President, Fins, Feathers, Paws & Claws Inc., Harleysville, PA
Jamie Palazzo, Owner, New Day Reptiles, Sharpsville, PA
Maximilian Moses, MJS Reptiles, Fogelsville, PA
Daniel J. Brandriff, Pet owner, Ambler, PA
Scott Hollabaugh, Owner, Iceman Reptiles, Pittsburgh, PA
Nathan Jordan, Nathan Jordan Photography, Archbald, PA
Dustin Marklow, Pet Enthusiast, Erie, PA
Vincent Clemens, Vincent Clemens Enterprises, Westmoreland City, PA
Shelby Claar, Younique Co., Beauty/makeovers/entrepreneur, Elizabeth, PA
Bruce Zahniser, Midgard Serpents, Slippery Rock, PA
Raymond Bruckman, Individual Reptile owner and breeder, Greensboro, PA
Scott Correll, Reptile Keeper, Bethlehem, PA
Melvin Stoltzfus, Owner, Chestnut Feedery & Pet Store, Bradford, PA
Tracy Dise, Co-Owner, Tank Masters Wonderful Worlds of Water LLC, PENNSBURG, PA
Malachi Fry, Malachi’s Corals, Duncannon, PA
Scott Miller, Concerned Hobbyist, Charleroi, PA
Grant Kemmerer, Owner, Wild World of Animals, Eighty Four, PA
Charles Termini, CEO, CbM, Old Forge, PA
Sue Brown, SR. VP Sales & Marketing, F.M. Brown’s Sons, Inc., Sinking Sring, PA
Jaime Adams, President, 3 Rivers Marine Aquarium Society, Carnegie, PA
Jeremy Murcelo, Owner, Ang AQUATICS, Pen Argyl, PA
Tyler Termini Aquariust, Electric City Aquarium & Reptile Den, Old Forge, PA
Susan Hughes, Inventory Manager, Pickering Valley Feed & Farm, Exton, PA
Erin Dorman, President, Aquarium Services Professionals, Mohnton, PA
Brian Geier, Owner, Fish and Beyond, Pottsville, PA
Joel Ovalle, Owner, Exotic Fish & Pets LLC, Reading, PA
Neil Bower, President, Living Things, Orefield, PA
Rick Amour, President, That Fish Place - That Pet Place, Lancaster, PA
Jose A,Venereo, Relief Veterinary Services of Central Pennsylvania, Dauphin, PA
Jack Rudisill, Vice President, NA, York, PA
Michael Zimmer, owner, Country Fish Girl LLC, Pine Grove, PA
Thomas Carr, Mr., Home, Havertown, PA
George J , Staniscia , Retired, Reef keeper, Indiana, PA
Vincent Marsala , Mr., Citizen, York , PA
Brandon Lessner Environmental Scientist/Pet Owner, n/a, Pittsburg, PA
Charles Smith, Pet owner, Stillstill99 aquatic, Jayapura, RI
Karen O’Connor, Bookkeeper/Inventory Manager, Something Fishy, Inc., Warwick, RI
Jason Spaulding, Hobbyist, Charleston, SC
Guy Griffin, Owner, Fishy Business, Columbus, SC
Joe Nichols, Owner, Joe Knows Reefs, North Charleston, SC
Cheri Weaver-LaBelle, Owner, LaBelle Geckos, Goose Creek, SC
Scott, Groseclose, President, Aquarium Specialty, AquaNerd, Aqua Specialty, Carolina Reef Experience, and BioTek Marine, Columbia, SC
James Coppney, Enthusiast, Columbia, SC
William Clark, Owner, Will's Geckos, Pickens, SC
Brandon Smith, Retired Army, Aquatic Arsenal LLC, Greenville, SC
Landry Foye, Reef2Reef, Mount Pleasant, SC
Mariano Escobedo, Secretary, Madison Area Herpetological Society, Kenosha, SC
Eric, Craig, Aquarium owner and volunteer diver for SC Aquarium, Reef tank owner, North Charleston, SC
Ricky, Dickson, Hobbyist, reef tank owner, Lugoff, SC
Dominick Santa Maria, Pet Owner, Sioux Falls, SD
Tyler White, Concerned Hobbyist, Bristol, TN
Andrew Jones, Owner, Clarksville reef and reptiles, Clarksville, TN
David Watson, Watson’s Reptiles, Cleveland, TN
Doug Barr, Owner, B.A.R.R.s, Friendsville, TN
James Dye, small breeder, Nashville, TN
Jayda Neyman, Industrial Maintenance Apprentice, Whirlpool, Cleveland, TN
Jeff Murray, Retired, Clarksville, TN
Gene Huff, Proprietor, Shiloh Ranch, Frex, TN
Friedrick Siegmann, Concerned Hobbyist, Reef 2 Reef, Murfreesboro, TN
John Simon, Concerned Hobbyist, Cordova, TN
Wiley Parrott, Owner, Aquatic Marine, Knoxville, TN
Christian Rios, Hobbyist, Reef2Reef, Plano, TX
Diane Bell, Concerned Saltwater Hobbyist, Crowley, TX
Tom Nguyen, Store Manager, Fishland, Houston, TX
Gary Coffman, Owner, Austin Aqua-Dome, Austin, TX
Debra Poel, Territory Manager, Central Garden & Pet, Dallas, TX
Lisa Hall, Concerned Reef Pet owner, Lisa's Hair Fashions, San Angelo, TX
Sutan Suganda, Business owner, Aquatic Realm International, Carrollton , TX
Julie Shiles, Owner, Extreme Corals, Hurst, TX
Sherry Redwine, Owner, Odyssey Pets, Dallas, TX
Chase Ringle, Manager, Odyssey Pets, Dallas, TX
James Durden, Owner, Brittany's PET DEPOT, Katy, TX
John lotito, Warehouse Manager, Vibrant Corals, Irving, TX
Caitlin Bullock, Coral Technician, Vibrant Corals, Irving, TX
Robert Tondre, Owner, Robert's Reef, Fort Worth, TX
Billy Hyman, Coral Technician, Vibrant Corals, Irving, TX
Nathan McDaniel, Coral technician, Vibrant Corals, Irving, TX
Vivian Louie, Manager, Forever Pets, San Antonio, TX
Michael Doan, Co-Owner, Odyssey Pets, Dallas, TX
Alton Vrana, Concerned Aquarist, MAAST, Marion, TX
Vanessa Glass, President, Glass Aquatics, Hurst, TX
Haley Gibbs, Aquarium Technician, Glass Aquatics, Hurst, TX
Mike Glass, Glass Aquatics, Hurst, TX
James McDonald, Owner, McDonald Bird Farms, Kerrville, TX
Marc Levenson, President & CEO, Melev's Reef, Inc., Fort Worth, TX
Magdalene Young, Manager, Odyssey Pets, Dallas, TX
Craig Gagne, Owner, Global Exotic Reptiles, Universal City, TX
Scott Shiles, Owner, extremecorals.com, Hurst, TX
Jason Schneider, Owner, FISH R US, Conroe, TX
Kevin Willyerd, Owner, Animal Ark, Kingwood, TX
Wayne Thomas, Manger, Dallas North Aquarium, Carrolton, TX
Randall Housley, Chief Executive Manager, Polly's Pet Shop, Universal City, TX
Frank Garner, Owner, Frank's Tanks, Fort Worth, TX
Jackie Riney, Owner, AIRSTREAMJUNKIE BnB, Denton, TX
Thomas Rogers Jr, Service Manager, Rift 2 Reef, Grapevine, TX
Mark Heger, Texas Chondros, Dallas, TX
Robert Anderson, Concerned Hobbyist, Richardson, TX
Justin Spaugh, Owner, NaCl, McKinney, TX
Michael Vendetti, Business owner, McKinney, TX
Ryan Reeves, Doctor, Spine Team Texas, Westlake, TX
Jenny Tran, Student, University of Texas at Dallas, Dallas, TX
Brandon Coleman, Texas Scale Exotics, Vidor, TX
Paul Van Fleet, Owner, The Teacher Creature Store, Spring, TX
Peyton Turk, Owner, Red Crest Pet Shop, Boerne, TX
Manh Nguyen, Dr, Citizen, MCKINNEY, TX
Severo Balboa, Owner, Balboa Pet Store, Corpus Christi, TX
Adrian Herrera, Citizen, Horizon City, TX
Sean Logsdon, Concerned Hobbyist, Austin , TX
Kevin Dao, Conservationist, Sachse, TX
Tim Hanson, Owner, Fishy Stuff, LLC, Austin, TX
Stoney DeHart, STORMY'S PLACE, Moscow, TX
Anita DeHart, Manager, STORMY'S PLACE, Moscow, TX
Gerry Beathard, Owner, 3rd Coast Ball Pythons, Livingston, TX
James Patton, President/CEO, Rivers and Reefs Pet Center, Austin, TX
Rachel Pohl, General Manager, Rivers and Reefs Pet Center, Austin, TX
Grant Taylor, Pet owner/enthusiast, Inez, TX
Walter Rucker, TD Industries, San Antonio, TX
Robert Powers, USARK member, Manvel, TX
Jason Brumley, Owner, Brumley Reptile Co., Palestine, TX
Michael Fino, Owner, Finos Rainforest, El Paso, TX
Mark Pittman, Patriots Hill Enterprises llc, Rowena, TX
David Dempsey, Reef2Reef, Plano, TX
Jason Elms, Owner, Geri's Gems Reptiles and Photography, Rockwall, TX
Brian Phillips, Estimator, Crest Electrical, Arrington, TX
Jordan Ondras, Owner, treefrog connection, Spring, TX
Brett Bender, Director of PEO, Brandmuscle, Austin, TX
Terry Burwell, Concerned Hobbyist, Midland, TX
Stephen Chew, Reptile Breeder, neoterrapin.com, Dripping Springs, TX
Mark Vaughan, Vaughan's Pythons, N. Richland Hills, TX
Drexter Istre, Concerned Hobbyist, Fort Worth, TX
Judy Clothier, ShipYourReptiles, Converse, TX
Logan Meharg, Shop Asst, Royal Constrictor Designs, Merrill, TX
Heather Rider, Petsmart, North Richland hills, TX
Michael Gonzales, Owner, ARK Aquatics, Abilene, TX
Charles Wall, Voter, None, Beaumont, TX
Lois Wall, Teacher, St Annes, Beaumont, TX
Jennifer Nicholas, Housewife, None, Beaumont, TX
Charles Baring, Owner, Spring Coral Farms, Spring, TX
Deanna Horning, Volunteer, and Board of Director, Houston, TX
Jake Wand, Owner/Operator, River City Aquatics, Austin, TX
Jason Jacobs, Mr, Green Army, Houston, TX
John Sorkness, Environmental scientist, AECOM, Austin, TX
Jeff Trumble, Concerned Aquarium Hobbyists, Trumble Crane, Lubbock, TX
Breanna Bird, Ms., Student, San Antonio, TX
Tierny Kruege, Owner, Critters Exotic Pets, Waco, TX 
Jesus Torres, Concerned Pet Owner, United States Citizen, El Paso, TX
John Dobmeyer, Owner, Dobby’s Aquatics, Greenville, TX
Mike Smith, Owner, Salty Fins, Saint George, UT
Justin Hoer, Owner, TrueAquatics, Orem, UT
Justin Julander, PhD, Australian Addiction Reptiles, Smithfield, UT
Dan Sutherland, Owner, TSK Inc, Spanish Fork, UT
George Rinehart, Private citizen, Crozet, VA
Terry Clark, Hobbyist, 1958, Front Royal, VA
David Deptula, Dean, Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies, Oakton, VA
David Muller, Owner, Centreville Aquarium, Centreville, VA
Brandon Ackerman, ACKERMANS EXOTICS, LLC, Midlothian, VA
Andrew Varela, Owner, Serpentine Exotics, Locust Grove, VA
Joseph Severts, Manager, petparadise, VA Beach, VA
Aaron Cotter, Owner, Private, Virginia Beach, VA
David Van Houten, KD Selective Creations, Arlington, VA
Charles Zinn, Marine Hobbist, Manassas, VA
Elizabeth Mcgovern, Concerned Hobbyist, Virginia Beach, VA
Jason Bretzke, Ocean Engineer / US Navy Diver, DOD - Navy, Woodbridge, VA
David Foley, President, Pet World, Newport News, VA
Justin Melki, Owner, Ultimate Aquariums, Roanoke, VA
Rony Joseph, Agent, Caraibes Sea Life HT, Revere, VA
Tony Hartian, Vice President Sales, Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp., Yorktown, VA
Jeff Nethers, President, Winchester Aquarium & Pet, Winchester, VA
Jeff Severts, Owner, Simply Pets, Chesapeake, VA
Aaron Weigand, Mr., Washington Area Marine Aquarist Society (WAMAS) member, Fredericksburg, VA
Alex Orleans, President, Northwest Zoological Supply, Everett, WA
Martin Finn, Citizen, Olympia, WA
Debbie Goodrich, CEO, Parrot Ambassadors, Auburn, WA
Dan Eylander, Owner, Bridges Pets Gifts & Water Gardens LLC, Snohomish, WA
Brian Bieger, Monkeyboy Corals, Brush Prarie, WA
Dan Stearn, General Operations Director, The Fish Store, Seattle, WA
Lowell Lemon, President, Tricon Technology Inc., Clarkston, WA
Adam Erickson, Owner, Erickson Exotics, Camano Island, WA
John Fleshman, Owner, Denny's Pet World, Kirkland, WA
Jonas Sternberg, Manager, Sierra Fish & Pets, Renton, WA
Lance Kirkman, Personal owner, Graham, WA
Geoffery Fruit, Concerned Hobbyist, Bothel, WA
Michael Schramm, Co-Owner, Austral Gecko, Richland, WA
Randal Pegues, COO, KingsMen Construction, Oak Harbor, WA
Nick Mutton, Inland Reptile, Spokane, WA
Zachary Spyker, Owner Operator, Spyker Exotics, Camas, WA
Myria Hoisington, Concerned arachnid hobbyist, Newport, WA
Aaron Nemetz, Concerned Fish Hobbyist, Seattle, WA
Dan Thomas, Owner, Animal house, Mukwonago, WI
Luke Day, Reptile breeder, Captive Bred Specialties, Waukesha, WI
Dena Kyle, Store Manager, Animart Pet Store, Waunakee, WI
Shayna Dallman, Assistant Manager, Exotics Manager, Animart-Waunakee, Waunakee, WI
Mark Stephens, Department Manager, Petland Racine, Racine, WI
Kevin, Kohen, Director, LiveAquaria, Rhinelander, WI
Kurt Steoger, Stoeger's Reef, Wausau, WI
Holly Huckabone, Shift Lead, Animart Pet Store, Madison, WI
Taylor Perry, President of Fox Valley Chapter of the Madison Area Herpetology Society, Madison Area Herpetology Society, Appleton, WI
Rex Raasch, Madison Area Herpetological Society, Greendale, WI
Sandi Bingham, Veterinary Technician, Janesville, WI
Shelby Brown, Blues House of Lotls, Janesville, WI
Ed Roberts, Owner, Snake Discovery LLC, Hammond, WI
Frederick Meyer, Wisconskin ink, Port Washington, WI
Valerie Lesak, Madison Area Herpetological Society, Milwaukee, WI
Samantha Yonts, Stop Breed-Specific Legislation, Janesville, WI
Ronald Nicklaus, Sinner and Saint reptiles, Manitowoc, WI
Shasta Brunette, Owner, Sinner and Saint Reptiles, Manitowoc, WI
Eric Roscoe, Events Coordinator-Madison, Madison Area Herpetological Society, Madison Area Herpetological Society, McFarland, WI
Tanya Habel, VP, Madison Area Herpetological Society, Lone Rock, WI
Barry Vandergriff, Manufacturing Manager, Creation Technologies, Fort Atkinson, WI
Jennifer Marshall, Owner, Northwoods Pets, Rhinelander, WI
Stephen Knoll, Frag Cellar, Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Brad Carter, Driftless Reptiles, La Crosse, WI
Dustin Wells, Reptile owner/breeder, Dungeon Exotics, LaCrosse, WI
Miranda Evans, Madison Area Herpetological Society, Fond Du Lac, WI
Jane Dowske, Pet owner, Dousman, WI
Garrick DeMeyer, President, Captive Reptile Specialties, inc., Wausau, WI
Jennifer Thomas, pet store owner, Animal House Pets and Supplies, Mukwonago, WI
Scott Jennings, Concerned Hobbyist, Ringle, WI
Nikita Totsky, Aquarist, America Aquaria, Milwaukee, WI
Roger Jazdzewski, Sales rep, Verizon, Kaukauna, WI
Evan, S., Concerned Hobbyist, Watertown, WI
Sarah Shlensky, Events Coordinator, Madison Area Herpetological Society, Glendale, WI
Morgan Hennie, Aquatic Warehouse Manager, Beef's Reef, Janesville, WI
Rex Raasch, Madison Are Herpetological Society, Greendale, WI
Adam Brunette, Owner/Operator, Ambient Aquatics, Janesville, WI
Luc Pomazak, Student, Whitewater Middle School, Whitewater, WI
Harry Sachs, Citizen, Janesville, WI
Kevin Kohen, Director, LiveAquaria , Rhinelander, WI
Arne Sandberg, VP, New Business Development & Customer Relations, Consumer Packaging Group, Inc.,  Hartland, WI
Janice Koehn, owner, Aquatics Unlimited LLC, Greenfield, WI
John Wirtz, manager, Royalty Pet Foods, Green Bay, WI
Ethan Fenner, Northwoods Coral & Fish Farm LLC, Mosinee, WI
Jacob Saltness, Hobbyist, Reef2reef, Eau Claire, WI
Kristoffer Maxwell, Manager, Hobbyist, Freedom, WI
Michael Hoppa, none, none, Winneconne, WI
Dom Paradiso, pet store worker, Mighty Pet, Marinette, WI
Rob Bucek, Mr.na, Eleva, WI
Joseph Veltri, Owner, Eastern Pet Supply, Bridgeport, WV
Christopher Payne, Store Owner, Mork Ulv Pets and Supplies, Philippi, WV
Brenda Valentine, Parkersburg, WV
Kim Glasscock, Owner, Kimz Pet Express, Princeton, WV
Francis Labarbara, Concerned Hobbyist, Hurricane, WV
Michael Montgomery, MR, None, Charleston, WV
Betty Keetley, Owner, Frontier Pets, Cheyenne, WY