National and International Issues

Economic Impact of U.S. Pet Industry - All 50 States, DC & National

View our page on the economic impact of the U.S. Pet Industry which includes a national economic impact infographic as well as infographics for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Find information relative to your state or the nation today.

Policy Positions

Pet businesses are steadfast in addressing both new and existing issues raised by new technologies, new practices, and new regulations. PIJAC collaborates with pet professionals, hobbyists, as well as the academic and scientific communities, to develop position papers on the most common topics facing the pet trade.

International Issues

Pets and the pet trade are directly affected by international conventions, which result in regulation of trade internationally and require domestic legislation by member states (including the United States).

PIJAC works closely with other pet trade associations and like-minded organizations throughout the world to ensure animal welfare issues, pet owner concerns, and the interests of pet businesses in the U.S. are addressed in international affairs. This entails regular participation at meetings, as well as intercessional collaboration with organizations that share PIJAC's concerns.