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Our fax number has recently changed
The new fax number is (703) 997-4270

Government Affairs

Mike Bober
President & CEO
202/452-1525, ext. 1060
mbober [at] pijac.org

Robert Likins
Vice President, Government Affairs
Temporary contact for all press inquiries
202/452-1525, ext. 1070
bob [at] pijac.org

Savonne Caughey
Director, Government Affairs
202/452-1525, ext. 1000
savonne [at] pijac.org

Jeff Plummer
Director, Legislative & Regulatory Research
202/452-1525, ext. 1030
jeff [at] pijac.org

Josh Jones
Deputy Director, Government Affairs
202/452-1525, ext. 1040
josh [at] pijac.org

Courtney Hogan
Government Affairs Specialist
202/452-1525 ext. 1090
courtney [at] pijac.org


Scott Hardin
Science Advisor, Exotic and Invasive Species
scott [at] pijac.org