Supporting Black Cats This August

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Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day. Founded to offset centuries-old superstitions about black cats, this is an important holiday to highlight that it’s not just dogs that face discrimination based upon uncontrollable factors.

The responsible pet trade and our pet care allies at shelters know that breed-specific legislation is not scientifically based. Likewise, the high rate of abandoned or sheltered black cats is problematic for shelters and cats alike, putting resources towards pets that are just as lovable as any other.

PIJAC works closely with pet trade associations and like-minded organizations throughout the world to ensure positive outcomes for animal welfare issues, pet owner concerns, and the interests of pet professionals. It is the responsibility of the entire pet community to ensure the safety of companion animals in our country and find them a forever home.

Fighting against superstitious-based discrimination is an important step in that process. 

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