Statement regarding ruling in the matter of Puppies N' Love et al. v. City of Phoenix

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In a statement issued today, PIJAC Executive Vice President Mike Bober responded to Judge David Campbell’s ruling in the matter of Puppies N’ Love, et al. v. City of Phoenix regarding the city’s retail pet sale ban:

“Judge Campbell went out of his way to describe Puppies N’ Love as ‘an exemplary pet store’ that ‘avoids buying from puppy mills and works hard to ensure that its puppies have been raised in a humane and caring environment,’” observed PIJAC Executive Vice President Mike Bober.  “Unfortunately, the City of Phoenix and HSUS saw fit to target this forty year-old, locally-owned shop. Rather than improving breeding conditions and decreasing shelter overpopulation, the ‘burden of this ordinance will fall hard’ on a responsible pet store and the reputable breeders who raise their puppies.

“While this ruling finds the ordinance Constitutional, the overarching question remains – is singling out and banning an exemplary local business smart public policy or the best way to achieve the goal we all share? The facts say no. Banning Puppies N’ Love won’t shut down a single puppy mill, though it will likely hurt several federally licensed and regulated responsible breeders. It will definitely harm Puppies N' Love, owned for forty years by people who care for pets and treat them lovingly. We think the far better course is to enforce rigorous breeding standards and to arm consumers with information so they are empowered to make sure their dog comes from a reputable breeder.

“Responsible pet ownership starts with finding the ideal pet for your family’s individual needs,” continued Bober. “This is the single greatest indicator of successful, lifelong pet relationships and the best way to keep animals out of shelters and rescues.  We encourage other jurisdictions looking to address this important issue to protect the right to choose your perfect pet and to consider approaches that target illegal, unscrupulous actors instead of caring local shops like Puppies N’ Love.”

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