PIJAC President defends consumer and small business rights on NJ radio

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PIJAC President and CEO Mike Bober appeared on a prominent New Jersey radio show to discuss how the responsible pet industry is being targeted by a Democratic state Senator running for governor. 

“These are small businesses, these are individuals, these are people who do it for the love,” Bober said of independent pet retailers. “Nobody’s getting rich off of” selling pets, Bober told host Bill Spadea, yet the pet industry’s 24,000 employees in New Jersey are being threatened because of Senator Ray Lesniak’s ideological beliefs about the responsible pet industry.

In fact, Lesniak and allies in the state Assembly have said they will attempt to change the Pet Purchase Protection Act, the strongest pet protection law in the country, so that no breeder can sell pets to retailers in the state of New Jersey unless their information is on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s website.

There’s just one problem: Neither breeders nor New Jersey gubernatorial candidates determine USDA policies. The agency is currently weighing important privacy concerns.

In short, Lesniak’s new bill is simply blackmail against New Jersey consumers, pets, and small business owners. 

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