PIJAC Board Chair testifies for higher standards to protect pets

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Across the country, PIJAC is fighting for the best standards for pets and consumers. We were proud that PIJAC Board Chair Laura “Peach” Reid was recently asked to testify in favor of an often overlooked issue – the need for higher standards of care for animal shelters.

Speaking in favor of Connecticut House Bill 6334 in front of the House Environmental Committee on March 6, Reid – who is President and CEO of Fish Mart in addition to her PIJAC responsibilities – explained that the animal shelter registration, inspection, and suspension requirements in the bill is just the first step to truly raising the standards of the state’s animal shelters.

“We also encourage that these standards be in line as much as possible with recognized facility and animal care standards found in CT pet stores and/ or municipal shelters, and codified regulations,” said Reid. “Further, we recommend that shelters report annually to the Department on the number of dogs and other pets handled throughout the calendar year, in line with the regulations on importers. These reports should include the source and medical history of the pets, and ought to be made readily available to consumers.”

Reid cited the example of former SPCA of Connecticut Director Fred Acker, who in September 2016 was sentenced to a year in prison and three years of probation for cruelty to animals. Reid told legislators, “It is our duty to ensure that ALL providers of pets to the public be either licensed or regulated, held accountable to written standards of care, and inspected by knowledgeable and trained officers.”

As the legislative and advocacy voice for the responsible pet industry, PIJAC knows how important it is to have the best standards and protections for consumers and pets. We join Reid in urging Connecticut legislators to recognize this fact.

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