Pet Owners Independence Day

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Have you ever wanted to switch jobs with your pet? On April 18, the light-hearted Pet Owners Independence Day encourages owners to sleep in the sun and generally take it easy – and, hopefully, never miss a beat as companion animals take over human responsibilities.

Since this sort of “Freaky Friday” swap only happens in Hollywood, let’s look at the reality of pet ownership – yes, it’s fun to have a beloved companion animal. But ownership also requires a deliberate awareness of the responsibilities we have for our pets. PIJAC has worked with federal and state policymakers, as well as industry leaders, to make the public more aware of steps to mitigate the risk of invasive species, caretaking of pets, and more.

Pet ownership is also something that lawmakers should take seriously. PIJAC defends the right to ethically find the right pet for the right circumstances. Are you allergic to certain dogs, or can your house only sustain a smaller pet? Are you a fan of specific breeds of cats and dogs? Do you have the patience and commitment to care for ornamental aquatics?

Standing for pet choice is at the heart of what PIJAC does. We support responsible pet stores across the United States by standing against harmful and ineffective pet sale bans. We also encourage the industry to educate prospective pet owners on the practical realities of finding, training, and maintaining pets.

As part of our commitment to ethical business practices and quality care, PIJAC  consistently urges retailers and breeders to embrace transparency and work with consumers to ensure the right companion animals get to the right homes.

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