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Pet flipping is cause for concern among pet owners

The serious issue of pet flipping is gaining national attention. PIJAC, the Better Business Bureau, and major news outlets such as NBC's Today Show, Time, and radio's Jim Bohannon Show are alerting consumers to the issue. This recent focus raises awareness, educates consumers about the threat, and delivers helpful tips to prevent pet owners from becoming a victim.

What is the Definition of Pet Flipping?

Pet flipping occurs when crooks acquire a pet--by stealing it from an owner, finding a lost pet in a neighborhood, adopting it from a shelter/rescue, or answering ads for found pets--with the intent to sell the pet to the highest bidder either online or through other means.

Remember: All pets are at risk for pet flipping even though dogs may be popular among criminals looking to make a quick buck. The Jim Bohannon Show recently featured 2 segments with PIJAC President/CEO Mike Canning discussing what pet flipping is and how people can prevent it from occurring. Use the following links to listen:

Top 5 Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Pet Flipping

While there is cause for concern with pet flipping, there are ways to help you avoid becoming a victim. Here are the top 5 tips to avoid becoming a victim of pet flipping.

  • Spay/Neuter your pet. If you are not breeding your animals, spaying and neutering them makes them LESS valuable to flippers and thieves

  • Microchip your animals. It is inexpensive and the micro-chip can be identified and tracked to any vet across the country – keep the registry current – especially if you MOVE!

  • Stay close. Do NOT leave pets unattended in your yard OR tied up outside of food markets or other stores. It only takes a few minutes alone for your pup to be whisked away by a crook. 

  • Be cautious. If you find your pet on Craigslist or Facebook, and it is being sold, it is better to NOT confront the perpetrator. You MAY risk the safety of your pet. Secure contact information first and act as a buyer. In some instances, police have accompanied the real owner of the dog to the residence or meeting place where the flipper tries to sell the owner their own pet back.

  • If your dog is missing. Go directly to social media to help locate your pet and go to Craigslist and monitor it daily to see if you can find the dog. Post photos and fliers of your dog on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, circulate it via email. There are people who will compare your dog’s information and photo to any that they find on Craigslist.


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