Pet Business on Top2Top: A Top-Notch Event

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We want to share some very kind words that were included in Pet Business' review of this year's Top2Top.

Please visit their site--petbusiness.com--to read the entire article.

From the article:

"Ultimately, what I found most heartening about the Pet Industry’s Top2Top Conference was that its success clearly demonstrated to me that PIJAC is in very capable hands. For many years now, the organization has played a vital role in bridging the gap between the pet industry and various government agencies and legislative bodies; and having the pleasure of a front-row view of how PIJAC protects the interests of every facet of the pet world—including the pets themselves—has made it easy for me to become a great admirer. However, PIJAC has faced significant challenges, and the organization’s ongoing health, particularly in terms of finances, has long been an issue. But with the leadership of Canning, vice president of government affairs Michael Maddox, vice president of marketing and communications Cathy Calliotte, new chairman Ken Oh of Petmate, and the rest of the PIJAC family, there is good reason to be optimistic about this seemingly reinvigorated organization."


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