New PIJAC tools: Need-to-Know and Legislative Updates

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As 2017 rolls on, PIJAC has launched two new tools to keep the industry informed as to what’s happening in the exciting world of legislative and regulatory debate.

The first is our new category of “Need-to-Know” e-mail updates, which will be sent to members when the industry’s legislative and regulatory efforts receive noteworthy media coverage. Our first Need-to-Know e-mail called attention to PIJAC President and CEO Mike Bober’s op-ed against New Jersey S.63, a bill that if passed will undermine existing pet protections and harm the state’s small businesses. The second looked at how PIJAC’s New Jersey affiliates condemned the actions of a pet retail chain that was shut down for alleged illegal and unethical treatment of pets.

Our second new tool is a bi-weekly legislative update published by Pet Product News. As the legislative and advocacy arm of the responsible pet trade, PIJAC considers it a critical duty to keep everyone informed on key legislative and regulatory situations around the country. We also view this as an important way to make sure you know you can come to us with questions, concerns, ideas, and more as they relate to empowering America’s responsible pet industry.

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