National Pet Month and the responsible pet trade: A perfect match

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National Pet Month is a time to raise awareness about responsible pet ownership – the core of what PIJAC and the pet industry do.

PIJAC’s mission is to promote responsible pet ownership and animal welfare, foster environmental stewardship, and ensure the availability of pets. We represent the best of our industry’s practices and desires for healthy pets and placement in loving homes.

Taking care of pets from birth to home placement to natural death is no easy task, which is why PIJAC takes several routes to represent the industry. We work closely with state and federal agencies on importation, trade, and inspection issues. PIJAC has worked with industry experts to create standards of care and industry best practices in several areas, and we actively engage with the public to promote safe handling and ownership of pets.

To educate new pet owners, PIJAC developed a wide range of care sheets that include information on the pet, their diet, habitat and more. There are over twenty different care sheets for various animal types that are available to retailers nationwide to provide customers for ensuring a happy, healthy pet.

Our federal agency work includes, but is not limited to, a Habitattitude campaign that addresses educates people to be both responsible pet owners and environmental stewards, minimizing the impact of invasive species concerns on the environment, economy, and human health. To find out more about PIJAC’s other campaigns pertaining to environmental stewardship, visit the link here.

Happy National Pet Day from PIJAC; we hope that you celebrate by being a responsible pet owner and being educated on the proper care for your pet, no matter the animal type.

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