From Inside Tuscon Business: Zealotry makes bad public policy; proposed Tuscon retail puppy sale ban ridiculous

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Excellent points made by Mark Evans, Editor for Inside Tuscon Business, in his recent article regarding a potential ban on the retail sale of kittens and puppies in Tuscon, Arizona.

This article is written for the issue in Tuscon, but it is a must-read for anyone who supports pet-choice and responsible pet stores accross the United States. See below for a portion of the article and follow the link to read the entire article on the Inside Tuscon Business website.

Zealotry makes bad public policy; proposed Tucson retail puppy sale ban ridiculous
By Mark B. Evans, ITB Editor

Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik loves dogs and is an ardent supporter of animal shelters and a champion of pet sterilization to reduce the unwanted pet population.

Bully for him. Noble causes, both.

But his passion borders on zealotry and he’s been prompted by a legion of animal welfare fanatics to propose a city ordinance that will ban the retail sale of dogs and cats in Tucson unless they come from animal shelters.

The City Council in a 6-1 vote Tuesday directed the city attorney to draft such an ordinance. If passed, the law will drive at least four Tucson puppy sellers out of business, one of which has been in business in Tucson for 25 years and another for 17 years.

Is that what voters elected Kozachik and the other council members to do – to pass laws that drive out businesses that offend their sensibilities?

Certainly not.

Animal welfare, especially when it comes to dogs and cats, is a sensitive and emotional issue. All but the most hard-hearted are horrified and repelled by animal abuse and mistreatment. It’s wrong and is rightly prohibited by state law.

None of the stores selling dogs and cats in Tucson...

Follow this link to read the full article on the Inside Tuscon Business website:

04/10/2014 Edit:Thanks to a tip from one of our readers, a mistake in the title of this post has been corrected.

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