FirstLook Readership Numbers Continue to Shine in 2015

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FirstLook Readership Numbers Continue to Shine in 2015
By: Josh Jones, External Affairs

With open rates at, or above 30% for December 2014 through April 2015 FirstLook has continued to improve its monthly average open rate since the first issue was released on Tuesday, September 2, 2014.

But what about the click-through rate; are members actually selecting links to articles and reading?

Yes. FirstLook readership numbers continued to shine in 2015 as the daily executive news brief for PIJAC members averaged more than 500-articles-read each week since January 1, 2015.

And for the past 180 days, articles in the Pet News category have been the most popular with FirstLook readers. The category--which focuses on pet ownership, pet related news, and pet interest articles of note--is responsible for nearly 2,000 articles read since the beginning of November, 2014.

The Business News category is next in this popularity contest with more than 1,800 articles read during the same period. Business News covers market trends, new products, new pet businesses, pet business activities, and includes updates on business activity within the pet industry. 

Following closely behind Business News, the Legislative/Regulatory News section garnered an impressive 1,700+ articles read during the past 180 days while covering news and updates about existing or potential local, state, and national legislation and regulation which may impact the trade and pet enthusiasts.

Many variables impact email open rates and click-through rates. However, these metrics demonstrate that FirstLook is repeatedly and effectively engaging its audience with meaningful content. As a result, more PIJAC members are better informed about what is being said within, and about, the pet industry.

To learn more about PIJAC FirstLook or to place an ad, please contact Josh Jones josh@pijac.org or 202/452-1424 ext. 1040 for more information.

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