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PIJAC Board Member given FTFFA "Hall of Fame" Award

Longtime PIJAC board member and Segrest Farms President Sandy Moore has been honored with the “Hall of Fame” award by the Florida Tropical Fish Farms Association (FTFFA).

On June 10, the FTFFA gave its highest award to Moore for her leadership in the industry. In addition to her positions with Segrest and PIJAC, Moore is Secretary of the FTFFA, Co-Chair of the PIJAC Aquatics Committee, and Vice President of Ornamental Fish International (OFI). Moore joins over a quarter-century of industry leaders who have received this prestigious award.

PIJAC and American Pet Products Association (APPA) co-founder Allan Levey presented the award to Moore. Levey had been named to the FTFFA’s Hall of Fame in 1993.

“This award represents Sandy’s hard work and dedication to the aquarium trade both in the U.S. and world-wide,” said PIJAC President and CEO Mike Bober. “She has been tireless in educating the public, lawmakers, and the entire pet industry on fish farming and sustainable collection, and to raise awareness of issues facing aquarium hobbyists and those that provide aquatics.”

PIJAC Board Chair Laura “Peach” Reid likewise said the FTFFA award represented Moore’s dedication to the responsible pet industry. “I’ve been professionally involved with pets, and especially fish, for four decades,” said Reid. “I have never known anyone as passionately engaged with so many sectors of the industry – from running Segrest Farms to making sure PIJAC is on the cutting edge of aquarium fish policies, to educating the next generation of fish enthusiasts.

“FTFFA’s recognition of Sandy is the formal acknowledgement of what so many at PIJAC, SEGREST, the FTFFA and elsewhere have known for years – that the aquarium trade and hobby wouldn’t be the same without her.”

The FTFFA is the only active, established U.S organization devoting its entire efforts toward the professional, ethical, economic and social aspects of supporting the tropical fish industry.

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