Best practices for puppies: “Fox & Friends” profiles man’s best friend

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Last Thursday, “Fox and Friends” celebrated National Puppy Day by discussing some of the responsible pet industry’s best practices and the differences between unethical breeders and those in the responsible pet industry.

“As long as [pet owners] take the time – training, and being able to get the dog out” will  help the dog adjust to any loving home, PuppySpot CEO Greg Liberman told the hosts of the morning program. According to Liberman, “We ask a lot of questions of puppy owners, but the key is to find your puppy from a responsible source. We do a lot of screening on the breeder side, then we talk with puppy owners about what they’re looking for.”

According to Liberman, the company’s website “connects potential puppy owners with responsible and caring breeders across the country.” He explained that “extensive screening” is done for breeders, and that a health and vaccination policy is in place.

Like those of so many other responsible retailers across the country, PuppySpot’s practices for connecting pet lovers with ethical breeders is an important step to get the right to pet to the right home. Implementing industry best practices such as consumer transparency and only sourcing from legal and ethical breeders can not only win over a skeptical public, but also show legislators and regulators that efforts to ban pet retailers are both misguided and harmful.

Voluntary industry standards are critical in light of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s removal of breeder information from its website due to valid breeder privacy concerns. PIJAC has consistently urged retailers and breeders to provide all relevant information to consumers in order that the best dogs get to the right homes.

Perhaps most importantly, these best practices will help prospective pet owners find the pet most suited to their specific needs and lifestyles – the keys to creating a lifelong bond and decreasing the odds that a pet owner will give up that pet to a shelter or rescue. 

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