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Thank you for your interest in supporting PIJAC. Watch the video from PIJAC President and CEO Mike Bober to learn about our work to promote, protect and advance the responsible pet care community, and see what we accomplished in 2021.

PIJAC support categories and levels are listed below. Members receive FirstLook, an emailed daily digest (see a sample here) that tells you what the media is saying about pet-related government actions, businesses, trends and more. 50% of your PIJAC dues are tax deductible.    

PIJAC is your voice to lawmakers—and much more:

PROTECT and advance your legislative and regulatory priorities with local, state and federal elected officials

INFORM lawmakers about the pet care community and the benefits of the human-animal bond

JOIN and build coalitions to develop proactive solutions on issues such as zoonotic disease prevention

ALERT you to news and issues that impact the pet care industry and pet ownership

CREATE and provide resources to educate pet professionals and owners on pet management and care

If you have any questions about supporting PIJAC, please contact us at 202-452-1525, x1060 or info@pijac.org.

Memberships are for the calendar year (expire 12.31.2021).

Retailer/Groomer: $500 - A retail or online business that sells pets, pet supplies, or pet services to consumers.


Companion Animal Supplier: $250 - A business that supplies animals for resale to the trade but does not have a retail location.


Distributor: $1,000 - A business engaged in the purchase of pet-related goods primarily from manufacturers to be resold or delivered to retailers.


Manufacturer: $2,500 - A business that manufacturers products—nationally & internationally—for resale to the United States pet trade.


Manufacturer's Representative: $250 - A business that represents manufacturers, distributors, or retailer outlets in and around the pet industry.


Affiliate: $250 - Individual salespeople, veterinarians/veterinarian clinics, hobby clubs and societies, hobbyists/enthusiasts, and allied industries not represented in other membership categories.


If you have any questions about PIJAC or membership, contact us at 202-452-1525 or info@pijac.org