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We are grateful to Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC) and the other sponsors of the international conference "Amphibian Declines & Chytridiomycosis: Translating Science into Urgent Action" for providing an opportunity for the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) to launch the Bd-free 'Phibs campaign. PIJAC received sponsorship for this site from The Pet Care Trust, Reptile's Magazine, and Research Associates Laboratory. We are thankful for their support. We also thankPetAge Magazine and Reptiles Magazine for allowing access on this site to the articles they published on the Bd-free 'Phibs campaign.


Copyright for all photographs is held by the photographers. All rights are
reserved. Unless otherwise noted here, all photographs are (c) Jamie K.
Reaser. Man on homepage hold frog = (c) Donald Schultz. Woman swabbing
frog on You Can Help page  = (c) Lisa Schloegel. Ornate horned frog on
Resources page = (c) Vincent Russo. Yellow and black poison arrow frog in
header = (c) William Brown. We grateful to the photographers for their
contributions to the development of this site.

The original artwork for the campaign logo was designed by Jamie K. Reaser.

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