Keep Your 'Phibs Bd-Free! - You Can Help


  • Spread the word, not the fungus. Learn more about Bd and how to prevent its spread by readingthe information listed on the Resources page. Share this information with your friends and colleagues.
  • Visit the Partners Forum  to learn what other individuals and organizations are doing to promote the campaign. You will be inspired!
  • If you purchase, maintain, or sell amphibians, do your best to ensure that they are Bd-free. See the testing and treatment information on the Resources page.
  • Never release unwanted captive amphibians into the wild and actively discourage others from doing so. Have a HabitattitudeTM
  • Make a financial donation to the campaign. Your contribution is vital to campaign success. Coming Soon!
  • Purchase campaign T-shirts. Coming Soon!

Stay tuned. More opportunities will be added to this page as finances permit.

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