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PIJAC is organizing members and supporters to fight for the long-term viability of having fish as pets. We urgently need your help with these critical issues:

  • Ongoing anti-trade litigation and industry-crippling bill introductions at both the County and State levels in Hawaii are posing serious threats to the survival of the aquarium trade fishery in Hawaii. These efforts rooted in moral and ethical-differences often discount the science, data, and ultimately the reality of the best managed near-shore fishery in the state. Needless to say, the effects of a Hawaiian aquarium trade shut-down would be devastating.
  • The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) voted at its last conference of the Parties to undertake a comprehensive study of the marine ornamental trade. Although we welcome and support a robust data collection in order to make the trade more transparent, PIJAC and several of our international partners are concerned, and have expressed our reservations to the CITES Secretariat, that there seems to be an effort to conduct this study too quickly and at a cut-rate cost. PIJAC is one of the few pet-related organizations representing the interests of the trade and hobbyists to these international bodies.
  • ​Visit the Aquatics Committee’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information about PIJAC and the Aquatic Committee’s activities. The FAQs will be updated on routine basis so important to keep checking for the most up-to-date information.



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Aquatics Community News & Updates

New Documentary Profiles Brazilian Wild Caught Trade

Project Piaba has produced a new documentary on the Brazilian wild-caught aquarium trade that provides an in-depth exploration of the sustainable aquarium fishery in Amazonia. Wild Caught: Aquarium Fish Trade of the Amazon examines the collection, transport, export and import journey these fish from the Amazon region take, as well as discusses conservation and other aspects of the over 60 year old fishery. Learn more, watch the trailer or purchase the film here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/wildcaughtaquariumfish/

Wild Caught Ornamental Fish Report - U.S. version

Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) and the Pet Leadership Council (PLC) would like to thank the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA) for providing this Wild Caught Report for a global perspective on the Ornamental Fish Industry, with which we then focus on our U.S. story. Learn more.

PIJAC Board Member Given FTFFA "Hall of Fame" Award

Longtime PIJAC board member and Segrest Farms President Sandy Moore has been honored with the “Hall of Fame” award by the Florida Tropical Fish Farms Association (FTFFA). Learn more.

PIJAC submits comments on NMFS Section 4(d) rule

On March 16, 2015, PIJAC submitted comments to the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) regarding the Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Request for Information for the Issuance of Protective Regulations under Section 4(d) of the Endangered Species Act for the Conservation of Threatened Corals. In summary, it is neither necessary nor advisable to adopt a Section 4(d) rule imposing Section 9 prohibitions on the listed coral species. Such a rule would not further conservational goals, and likely would be practically impossible to effectively implement. PIJAC stands ready to work with NMFS to develop collaborative programs that will benefit these and other acquatic species. Download a PDF of submitted comments here.

NMFS seeking public comments on issuing protective regulations for 20 corals species

On January 13, 2015, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) published an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) in the Federal Register requesting public input regarding the potential need for protective regulations for 20 coral species listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) (80 Fed. Reg. 1616). These 20 coral species were previously listed by NMFS on September 10, 2014 (79 Fed. Reg. 53,851). Fifteen of these corals are Indo-Pacific species; 5 are Caribbean species. Learn more.

PIJAC's Aquatic Committee: Activities Protecting the Aquatics Community

Since the October 2009 Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) petition to list 83 species of corals as endangered under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), a group of aquatics industry leaders worked with PIJAC to identify the trade impact associated with a NOAA determination to list these species and to develop strategies to ensure a more favorable outcome. Learn more.

From Reefs.com: PIJAC - An organization we should all support | By Rich Ross

Today, the Aquatics Committee of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) sent a letter to Marine Aquarium Societys of North America (MASNA) detailing it’s mission and successes to date. I couldn’t be more happy – finally an organization with a clear message and call to action that we can all support....  Learn more.

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Resources & Downloads

Aquatic Wholesaler BMP

The wholesaler/distributor’s mission of delivering high quality fish specimens to retail stores and ultimately to the consumer requires attention to a host of specialized factors. These include: overall animal health and appearance, nutrition, disease management, facility water quality, transportation considerations, and environmental impacts. This document describes basic Best Management Practices (BMP) to ensure the health and survival of ornamentals at
Download PDF here.


PIJAC Aquatics Packet

The following materials have been prepared by PIJAC and our partners at the Pet Leadership Council to help you, on the front lines, tell our story. We hope you'll use these handouts and articles to educate your employees, your customers and your colleagues throughout the industry. Please share them widely and direct those interested in more information to www.pijac.org or the new PLC-sponsored website www.happyhealthyfish.pet. Most of all, we ask you to help us show the industry's commitment to responsible aquarium-keeping by sharing this information and continuing to advocate for the responsible pet industry.
Please click on the links below to download individual documents:


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