Environmental Stewardship Programs

Protecting the pets we love, as well as the natural environment for all animals, is part of our mission as pet industry representatives. PIJAC has been instrumental in developing and implementing proactive educational programs to minimize the impact of diseases and invasive species issues on pets, people, and the environment.


HabitattitudeTM educates people to be both responsible pet owners and environmental stewards, minimizing the impact of invasive species concerns on the environment, economy, and human health. Newly updated in June 2019 with new content and sections on reptiles, amphibians and animals and plants in classroom education.

Bd-Free ‘Phibs

Bd-Free ‘Phibs is an education-outreach program designed to educate those that maintain captive amphibians about the problems posed by Bd and husbandry practices that can be employed to reduce the spread and impact of Bd.

Pet Pathway Toolkit

Pet Pathway Toolkit assists governments, the pet industry, and their partners in establishing programs and policies that prevent the release or escape of pets into the natural environment, where they can become invasive species.