07/20/2020 | Collaborative Advocacy Push Gives Pets a Much-Needed Lifeline | Associations Now

As the COVID-19 outbreak unfolded in early March, the pet care community knew a proactive effort would be neccessary to keep pet businesses exempt from mandatory closure directives...  

10/14/2020 | National Reptile Day is Oct 21: Five Things to Know About Reptile Pets

"In celebration of National Reptile Awareness Day on October 21, the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council is spreading the word that with informed selection and proper care, reptiles such as lizards, snakes and turtles can make the perfect pet companion." ....

10/01/2020 Investigation Notice: Human Salmonella Muenster Infections Linked to Pet Bearded Dragons

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced that the agency is investigating a multistate occurrence of human Salmonella Muenster infections linked to contact with bearded dragons. 

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