05/21/2021 | Pet Store Worker Uses TikTok in an Effort to Remove Stigma | Spectrum News NY 1

Mike Bober, president of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, said small pet owners build their business around establishing connections with customers. Once they sell someone a pet, that customer is likely to come back...

5/27/2021 | Statement from PIJAC on the One Health Act

The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council urges Congress to pass S. 861 and H.R. 2061, the Advancing Emergency Preparedness Through One Health Act. As the COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced, the health of humans, animals and the environment are interconnected...

4/28/2021 | Enhanced Guidance to Eliminate Zebra Mussel Invasive Species Threat

PIJAC has added information for decontaminating water gardens to our enhanced guidance document sent earlier this month. The enhanced guidance document includes instructions for retailers, suppliers, water gardeners, and home aquarium...  

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