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In the Spring 2015 edition of PIJAC's PetLetter we discuss the importance of membership, highlight industry leaders recognized at the 2015 Top2Top, share 4 ways to build relationships with local lawmakers, and much more. 


"If passed, county animal shelters would have to stop people convicted of animal abuses within the past five years from adopting, according to Paul Muxlow's (R-Brown City) office in Lansing, a bill proponent." - from 9and10news.com


"It has taken the Coral Springs city commissioners a while to make up their minds, but they are now ready to join the many cities in the region that have passed laws banning the sale of pets sourced from puppy mills." - from sun-sentinel.com


"'I've had vets, breeders and the AKC come to me and say the way it was written it could impact responsible breeders and folks that have hunting dogs,' Sessions said. 'It's just a poorly written bill and it needs work. I look forward to working with Paul in the future to get a good bill passed, but this isn't a good bill in this form.'"- from montgomeryadvertiser.com


"In a meeting held by code compliance officials animal lovers spoke out against the idea of pet owners not required to micro chip their pets and a ordinance that would keep the limits of pets per household to four." - from kvia.com


"WASHINGTON (CN) - Finding that the ban against the interstate transportation of large constricting snakes is based in part on the history of a tiny mollusk, a federal judge promised the reptile industry an injunction Tuesday." - from courthousenews.com


"LANSING, Michigan — Animal shelters would be required to run background checks on people looking to adopt pets and could deny adoptions to anyone convicted of animal abuse under bills moving through the Michigan Legislature." - from greenfieldreporter.com


"Pit bull bans are known as breed-specific legislation, or BSL, and are typically enacted at the city or county level. Groups like the American Bar Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association have said for years that pit bull bans are bad for families and dogs, raise serious due process problems, increase the use of euthanasia in shelters and are expensive to enforce -- and don't actually improve public safety." - from huffingtonpost.com


"State Rep. Kim Rose (D-Milford) told the media last week that she is pleased a bill she championed to hold overnight kennel boarding facilities more accountable was passed by the House of Representatives and is heading to the Senate for consideration." - from milfordmirror.com


Washington, DC – Last week the pet industry’s most influential leaders assembled to participate in the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council’s (PIJAC) fourth annual Top2Top Conference set at the picturesque Omni la Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, California. Attendees enjoyed networking opportunities and a stellar line-up of compelling speakers addressing a wide spectrum of issues facing the pet sector, focusing on the conference theme of what it means to “Lead the Pack.”