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"'We started getting a lot of emails and phone calls about it and I think we’ve seen tonight what that input can do,' Holman said. 'The point is, the council does listen to the public when there are concerns. Decisions are not set in stone or made far in advance. We will listen, and I think this is an example of how we can change policy based on public comment.'" - from normantranscript.com


"Jamaica Plain City Councilor Matt O’Malley introduced an ordinance nicknamed the 'Puppy Mill Bill' on Feb. 22 that would ban the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits in pet stores in Boston, according to a press release." - from jamaicaplaingazette.com


"Despite potential Grove City Council action that could impact its operations, Petland will open its new Grove City store as scheduled at 10 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 27. 'We have a lot of special events planned for our grand-opening celebration,' said Elizabeth Kunzelman, director of public affairs for Petland." - from thisweeknews.com


"'I am pleased we sent the message that our community abhors the inhumane treatment of animals by puppy mills,' Potok said in an email. 'But I would have preferred following our counsel's advice to first consult with the New York attorney general's office. I expect that the new law will prove legally defective.'"


NORMAN, Okla. - Snakes are at the center of controversy in Norman. Tuesday night, several pet owners showed up to the city council meeting to voice their concerns over a proposed ordinance that would ban certain types of exotic creatures like pythons and boa constrictors. - from kfor.com


Legislation to prohibit localities from banning certain dog breeds is under review in the Kentucky Senate. The measure got the backing of the Senate Agriculture Committee last week. Lee Greenwood with Best Friends Animal Society says it’s a property rights issue. “The science is pretty clear, as we said, there really is no connection between breed and a dog’s propensity for acting in one way or another.” - from wkms.org