10/28/2017Hawaii's aquarium fish industry put on hold as court seeks environmental impact study | Hawaii News Now

" On Friday, the First Circuit Court -- sitting as the Environmental Court -- ruled that any and all existing aquarium fish permits issued to commercial collectors to date are illegal and invalid."

10/30/2017 Pet care industry spokesperson: store closure rebuts Cambridge Vice-Mayor's state testimony

“A national pet care association says Massachusetts lawmakers should pay close attention to the projected closure of Cambridge, Massachusetts’ Petco store"

9/1/2017Recent Salmonella Agbeni infections linked to pet turtles according to initial CDC reports | PIJAC

"PIJAC reminds businesses and consumers that federal law prohibits the sale of turtles with a carapace length of under four inches as pets, and that consumers should only purchase pets from reputable pet stores or breeders."

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