From the article: "None of the stores selling dogs and cats in Tucson have been accused of mistreating or abusing the animals they have for sale and all go to great lengths to ensure they are selling healthy animals."

Topics in the Winter 2014 PetLetter include the 2014 Top2Top, retail pet sale bans, tips for making your voice heard by lawmakers, the Industry gives back, and PIJAC Avian Care Certifications.

Washington, DC/Richmond, VA – Nearly 56% of drivers acknowledge driving with their pet in the car, according to a 2011 survey conducted by AAA. In addition, 29% of drivers admit to be distracted by their dog climbing into their lap when driving.

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Shouldn’t the New York City Council be concerned about the quality of care these pets receive and NOT about using this piece of legislation to limit city residents’ access to pets by hurting legitimate breeders and the responsible New York City pet stores they serve?


This afternoon an amendment to SB 445 was filed by state Senator Meyer, state Senator Duff, and state Representative Kupchick. Amendment 3826 would ban any future pet stores from providing purebred puppies to the public (removing pet-choice) and grandfather existing pet stores (damaging their ability to sell or transfer their business).